Founded in 1887, Toyo University is a private higher education institution located in the urban setting of the metropolis of Tokyo. This institution is spread across various campuses in Asaka, Kawagoe, and Itakura. In 2014, Toyo University was selected as a “Top Global University” by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Being the only private university in Japan that puts “philosophy education” into practice, Toyo University offers various courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of studies. With 13 faculties, Toyo University is a comprehensive university that gives students the opportunity to study in a broad range of fields, from the humanities to the sciences.

Building #1 at Toyo University Itakura Campus, located in Itakura Town, Gunma Prefecture, (

Excited? Let’s learn more about the 5 attributes that make Toyo University so appealing to international students!

Impressive employment track record: 20,000 job offers – employment rate of 98.5%

Toyo University students receive an average of 20,000 job offers from 5,000 companies, both domestic and international, every year. More impressively, this prestigious university has maintained its stable employment rate of 98.5 %. To successfully achieve this result, the university supports students by providing them with internship opportunities, mock interviews, and on-campus information sessions with collaboration from over 1,000 companies.

Studying at Toyo University, you can increase your chance of getting desirable employment opportunities from business giants in Japan with the support from the Career Office at Toyo!

Generous scholarships

Not only can international students receive a high-quality education in Japan without the language barriers, but they are also able to enjoy various perks such as its numerous scholarship programs. The notable one is the fully-funded scholarship that covers full tuition fees and additional monthly payments of 150,000 yen to cover daily expenses and housing costs for four years. More importantly, scholars do not have to repay the scholarship after their graduation.

However, in order to maintain your scholarship throughout the 4 years, you have to pay attention to your academic performance and attendance record. Your scholarship may be canceled if your GPA is gradually decreasing and you violate any rules of the university. In this sense, you are encouraged to focus on your study and to take advantage of the scholarship you receive to nurture your goals.

For more information on scholarships available for international students, visit the Toyo University student support page!

Global learning environment

Toyo University has a large student body made up of people from all of Japan’s 47 prefectures, as well as from other countries. With the mission to build a professionally global environment for students to grow, it is always actively enticing motivated students from all over the world. With multiple campuses spread across different regions, you are able to connect with the student association and build a wide network with people from different backgrounds. Its enrollment is among the largest in Japan. At Toyo University, you can freely enjoy the real pleasures of making international friends through the plethora of opportunities it offers for mutual experience and learning about different cultures and values.

An extensive curriculum of diverse faculties and departments

Initially, international students might be skeptical about applying to a Japanese university, but at Toyo University, there is a wide range of English programs available for you. Starting in 2017, Toyo University has been welcoming international students to attend newly established programs entirely taught in English. Let’s discover the English undergraduate programs that are available at this university!

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Department of Global Innovation Studies (GINOS) 

Under the GINOS program, you can access numerous areas of study such as Economics and Business Administration, International Relations and Political Science, and Culture and Communication Studies. With around 100 students admitted per year, the university provides a full scholarship to 30 first-year international students with an additional grant of 150,000 yen to cover their living expenses. Please note that this undergraduate English program has an admissions period in both April and September.

 Department of Regional Development Studies (RDS) 

The Department of Regional Development Studies offers courses focused on International Relations, Regional Research, and Development Research. All classes in this department are taught in both Japanese and English. Accepting approximately 210 students per year, the department provides full scholarships to only 10 international students. Please note that this undergraduate program is only available in April.

Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD) 

The Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design offers a wide variety of courses that cover Computer Science, General Engineering, and Engineering and Economics related to design and infrastructure. Under this department, you are able to take classes in both Japanese and English. This is a relatively large department, accepting up to 400 students per year, with full scholarships offered to 20 first-year international students each year. Its admissions periods are April and September.

 Application Procedure

Admission will be based on document screening, the results of other exams, and an interview if required. The application procedure for English undergraduate programs is shown below.

Step 1: Access the application registration page from Toyo University’s admission website

Firstly, you should select the exam you want to apply for and enter the required information. After completing the registration, you have to pay the application fee in order to receive the security code needed to log in to the personal admissions page “My Page” of Toyo University.

Step 2: Log in to My Page 

After completing the payment procedure, you need to log in to My Page using the application number and security code and upload your ID photo file and requested application documents by the deadline.

For details about the required documents, please refer to this link.

Step 3: Receive notification of examinee number

You will receive the notification of the examinee number in the application period

Step 4: Receive notification of examination information

You will be provided details about the connection test and the interview information.

If you apply for the Faculty of Sociology, the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, or the Faculty of International Tourist Management, you are required to have an online interview.

Step 5: Interview

You will be notified of the scheduled date and time of the interview. You will take the interview in the same environment that you were in during the connection test.

Final message

Toyo University is a 133-year-old higher education institution that has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations. Although the selection process may be intimidating and challenging at first, it’s worth your efforts in the end! If you are an open-minded person and always willing to take on challenges to grow and contribute to society, you would be an ideal applicant for the aforementioned undergraduate programs at Toyo University.

Want to learn more about Toyo University? Check out this page for more details! 


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