Known globally as the #1 university in Japan, it is no surprise that the University of Tokyo attracts many students inside and outside of Japan as a dream school! Let’s explore what scholarship options there are to realize this goal as international students seeking English programs.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship

This well-known and generous scholarship is awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to outstanding international students. There are two categories of students who are eligible for the scholarships:

  • 1) Research students, which include Master’s, Doctorate and Professional Degree Programs (regular graduate student) or graduate international research student.
  • 2) Regular undergraduate students. Students will be placed in a one-year preparatory program for training in Japanese and other subjects, before they take an exam in order to be placed in a university designated by MEXT. 
  • Students can apply through two methods: 
  1. Embassy Recommendation. Applicants are first recruited and screened by the Japanese consulate or embassy in their own country. Then, they are required to contact graduate schools they plan to apply to in order to submit the documents needed. 
  2. University Recommendation: The University of Tokyo will select research students and recommend them directly to the Japanese government. Most of the applicants are international students on inter-university student exchange agreements.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

The scholarship is awarded to privately financed international students who have excellent scores in the EJU test. Applicants must have taken the EJU test in any of the combinations of its eight subjects.

The stipend is 48,000 JPY per month. The duration of the scholarship differs based on the period that the initiated enrollment of the student falls in. For example, If the initiated enrollment falls between November 2019 and April 2020, the scholarship will last twelve months, from April 2020 to March 2021. If it falls between May 2020 and October 2020, the scholarship will last six months, from November 2020 to March 2021. 

In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants have to check the appropriate box on EJU Online or on the physical application form. Applicants who are selected will be given Reservation Notice.

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University of Tokyo Fellowship; The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students

In this scholarship, students will receive a monthly research grant of Class A of 200,000 JPY, or Class B of 150,000 JPY throughout the duration of their program. Typically, Class A is awarded but occasionally there are exceptions in which Class B is awarded, which is decided by the Dean of the school. 

The targeted students are privately financed international students who demonstrate high academic performance and a dedication to research.

At the end of each year, the scholarship recipient is required to submit a report on the research progress approved by the Dean to the Director General. 

Scholarships for the Undergraduate PEAK Program 

These scholarships are awarded based on the application process of the prospective students to the university. 

The University of Tokyo Scholarship

Awarded to students who can demonstrate outstanding merit. The scholarship lasts for four years throughout the undergraduate program that the student is enrolled in and includes the admission fee, tuition, and living expenses with the stipend of 126,000 JPY a month. Up to 10 students are given this scholarship.

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for four years and covers the admission fee, tuition, round-trip economy-class airline ticket between their home country and Japan, and living expenses with a stipend of 120,000 a month. Up to 5 students are given this scholarship.

The University of Tokyo-JAGAM Supplementary Scholarship for Malaysian Nationals

The scholarship, sponsored by Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia (JAGAM), provides the student with a one-way economy class airline ticket from Malaysia to Narita/Haneda International Airport, which are the closest airports to Tokyo, and a return economy-class ticket upon graduation. 

Up to 3 students can be recommended by the University of Tokyo to receive this scholarship. 

The University of Tokyo-JUGAS Supplementary Scholarship for Singaporean Nationals

This scholarship is similar to The University of Tokyo-JAGAM Supplementary Scholarship in terms of the idea. It is sponsored by the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS) and aimed at Singaporean nationals. Up to 3 students can be recommended. 

Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations

Privately financed international students at the University of Tokyo can apply for these scholarships after their admission through two channels, University Recommendation or Direct Application. 

For University Recommendation, students need to apply through the administrative office of their Faculty/Graduate School. 

For Direct Application, students need to send in the application documents to the organizations on their own. 

Scholarship requirements are different based on each scholarship, and sometimes they are updated or changed every year. Some scholarships are only offered for students of certain fields or academic years they are enrolled in. Some may require applicants to undergo an essay round, an interview or a written exam to prove their Japanese proficiency. Some may limit the students from receiving other scholarships. Due to the different nature of each scholarship, students are advised to consult the Office of International Students of their Faculty/Graduate School directly for up-to-date and accurate information.


Prestigious and rigorous as the University of Tokyo is, many students want to have a shot of getting into this top university in Japan. The scholarships granted by the university, the Japanese government, and other private organizations will be the perfect pathway for students to pursue their dreams of attending the school. As long as you are determined and ambitious, there is an opportunity for you to realize your dreams of coming to Japan and proudly becoming a student at the University of Tokyo.