The JLP is a special language program designed for international students who want to develop language skills throughout their time in Japan, specifically at students who are currently studying at Keio University.  This means that any Keio student, from any level (undergraduate, Graduate to Ph.D.) can apply to complete this course. Unlike normal Japanese classes, JLP is a separate program from the normal undergraduate and graduate program and offers not only Japanese language classes, but also classes pertaining to Japanese culture and society.  Although not directly related to the completion of the program, students can also take additional classes on Japanese society offered in the International Center in Hiyoshi Campus. At the same, currently enrolled students can also take Japanese classes in the JLP program, but at a limit of four classes per semester.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the Mita Campus, one of the main campuses of Keio University.  It is held within the Center for Japanese Studies.

Applications, Admissions, and Completion

In order to determine the Japanese level for class assignments,  a placement test will occur after you have been accepted to the program.  The program ranges a variety of levels, ranging from a complete beginner to advanced, where students are at a level where they can study a bachelor’s course in Japanese.  The language classes covered all sorts of skills from reading, writing, to speaking, across different contexts like news, novels as well as academic papers. Once you pass two levels and are in the program for at least one year, you will be awarded a language certificate.  In these language classes, grading will be mostly based on exams throughout the semester.

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Application schedules

The JLP Program follows the traditional semester schedules, separated into Spring and Fall semesters. For Fall semester entry, the application will require both through online channels during mid-March to mid-April and early September to early October for Spring Entrance.  From then, physical documents will be required. Specific dates tend to vary every academic year, and the dates can be checked in the applications page.

Language classes offered on other campuses

Although there is a Japanese Language Program offered specifically in the Mita campuses, Japanese language classes are also offered on other campuses for students within the Keio University system.  At Keio SFC (Shonan Fujisawa Campus) the English program, GIGA Program, language classes are taken as compulsory classes towards graduation. Therefore Japanese classes are offered on campus. However, these language classes are only applicable to students belonging to the students under the Faculty of Policy Management or the Faculty of Environment and Information studies.

It might be difficult to keep the balance between studying in English and keeping your Japanese language skills in check while immersing in the new Japanese life. Therefore, applying for an additional Japanese language program can help you stay accountable for keeping your progress in check.