Akita International University (秋田国際教養大学) at a glance


Akita International University (AIU)

Established in 2004, AIU is  a public university that offers bachelor’s degrees in Global Business and Global Studies, and master’s degrees in Japanese Language Teaching, English Language Teaching, and Global Communication Practices. All of the courses offered in undergraduate programs are conducted in English. They were ranked 12th as the Best University in Japan by THE Japan University Rankings in 2018. They welcome over a hundred international students every year, and more than 80% of AIU students stay in on-campus accommodations that help foster the strong international community spirit in campus.

Access and Location

Akita Airport

AIU is a ten-minute drive away from Akita Airport, with a direct flight to Tokyo for about an hour.  It is also easily accessible via a bullet train, with the direct line Akita “Komachi” Bullet Train providing comfort and ephemeral scenery as one travels to the north of Japan for about four hours. Upon reaching JR Akita station, go to JR Wada Station (和田駅)and grab a taxi to get to the campus within 15 minutes. Journey by bus will take 35 minutes in total: 30 minutes from JR Akita Station to Aeon Mall Akita, then by another 15-minute bus ride to reach AIU. It also a 30-minute taxi/car ride if you go from JR Akita station directly to campus.

Facilities within the AIU Campus

Nakajima Library; image source: https://tgu.mext.go.jp/en/universities/aiu/index.html

Nakajima Library―the library that never sleeps

AIU boasts a state-of-the-art library that is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Its design has won numerous awards, and is an attractive asset to students and visitors of the campus. According to AIU’s school website, “The library is a composite structure of timber and reinforced concrete with a unique semicircular design not seen anywhere else in the country: the theme is the “Book Coliseum.” Akita prefecture’s native cedar has been widely used in the construction. The traditionally crafted umbrella-shaped roof has a striking presence, giving users a sense of tranquility and calm.”

Center for Student Initiatives

This establishment is a fairly new one in campus, built for educational purposes such as theme house activities, English educational development, Teacher seminar, etc.

Student Hall

The student hall is always bustling with activities and exchange of ideas and plans for it is a designated area for recreation space. You can also find the college cafe, university store, Career Development Center, and Academic Achievement Center.

Graduate Student Research Room

Fully-equipped with basic research facilities, AIU offers within its campus resources to meet their graduate student’s research needs.

Active Learning and Assessment Center (ALAC)

This building houses the core support facilities of AIU: the Academic Career Support Center (ACSC), the Academic Achievement Center (AAC), and the Language Development and Intercultural Studies Center (LDIC). Some of their services include course consultation, tutorials, guest lectures, and a variety of workshops.

Computer Room

computer lab at AIU

There are three computer rooms in AIU, and similar to the library, they are open 24 hours a day for student use.

Health and Medical Care Room and Counseling Room

The welfare of its students is very important to any university, and here at AIU they also offer support to assist in a student’s physical needs and mental health.

Suda Hall (Multi-purpose Hall)

photo by wikiuser 掬茶

This hall is available for use for concerts, ceremonies, large-scale indoor events, and it is also equipped with exercise training facilities.



The cafeteria offers “Meal Plan Menu,” “Restaurant Menu,” and “Menu of the Day” for students, faculty, and staff members. As surprising as it may come across to others, AIU actually requires all of its new students to purchase the “21 meal plan” which is a three-meal plan everyday for the next two weeks. This is done because the first couple of weeks in the start of the school year are the busiest for new students who  have to attend numerous orientations, course registrations, and activities. They have other meal options that are designed to suit the busy schedule of most students, all set for a reasonable price.

Student Accommodation

Exchange students who will be staying at AIU for one year are guaranteed housing within the campus. Degree-seeking students at AIU are required to live in Komachi Residence Hall for their first year. They are often paired with an international student as their roommate or suite-mate to encourage cultural exchange and add to the international experience. To check out which accommodation offer suits your budget and you are eligible for, check the detailed plans provided on the school website. https://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/campuslife/housing/

Here’s a short list and a brief overview of the available housing options offered by AIU:

Komachi Residence Hall

all first year undergraduate students are required to live here. Each living unit is a double occupancy-room; two-room suite with a shared bath/shower and toilet. This hall is equipped with a common kitchen, where most social interactions between students happen. Rent including utilities for fall/spring semester is 90,000 JPY; for Winter Program it is 60,000 JPY per student. There is also bedding and cleaning fee of 20,000 JPY for Fall/Spring; and 6,750 JPY for Winter program.

Global Village

each suite is  double occupancy rooms, but each room has a privacy curtain as well as its own bathroom and kitchenette with an IH range. All international students and upperclassmen degree-seeking students are eligible to live in the apartments. Rent including utilities is 108,000 JPY for fall/spring semester and 72,000 JPY for Winter Program. Bedding and cleaning fee is as mentioned above. 


Sakura Village

 Each suite is units of three individual bedrooms attached to a common living-dining-kitchen room and bathroom. Only international students and upperclassmen degree-seeking students are eligible to live in Sakura Village. It is one of the newest building complex in AIU. Rent including facilities is 180,000 JPY for fall/spring semester and 120,000 JPY for Winter Program. Bedding and cleaning fee is as mentioned above. Although it is pricier than the other housing, this option provides a student with more privacy and a more personal space for studying and sleeping.

University Village (Themed houses)

Each suite is a double-occupancy room with a toilet and bath/shower and a kitchen.  Although it is available for International students, Themed Houses require an additional, emailed application and entrance is not guaranteed. Rent including facilities is 103,500 JPY for fall/spring semester and 69,000 JPY for winter program. Bedding and cleaning fee is similar to information above.

For further inquiries:

Center for International Affairs
Akita International University Yuwa, Akita-City 010-1292 Japan
Tel. +81-(0)18-886-5936, +81-(0)18-886-5937
Fax. +81-(0)18-886-5853
Inbound Students : international@aiu.ac.jp
Outbound Students : studyabroad@aiu.ac.jp
Office Hours (Mon – Fri) 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00