As a non-English speaking country, Japan offers a unique experience in exploring endless learning possibilities. It’s undeniable that the go-to of most international students looking to study in Japan are the universities located in Central Tokyo. As the hub of diversity in terms of people, culture, fashion, and just about everything else, the institutions in this area also boast an international flare that attracts thousands of international students every year. This article has summed up the top three, most international universities in Tokyo, based on the number of international faculty members, international students, degree programs offered in English, and partner universities abroad.

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Waseda UniversityーThe World in One Campus

The students at the top International University are very diverse
Waseda’s international community

Waseda University, located in Shinjuku Ward, has a reputation for being a top destination for study abroad in Japan. Merely two years after the university’s establishment in 1884, they started accepting international students. As of 2018, they have over 5,000 international students enrolled. In terms of inbound and outbound students, the University currently hosts students from more than 100 different countries and regions and sends 3,000 students abroad annually. Also as of 2018, they have over 5,000 international students enrolled, and the number continues to grow every semester.

This university offers 50-degree programs across six undergraduate and 12 graduate schools, all English taught. Additionally, Waseda University has many student organizations better known as “circles,” that promote international cultural exchange between local students and international students.

Times Higher Education Ranking: 11th in Japan University Rankings 2018, 601–800th World University Rankings 2019

International Christian University―Global Everyday

Students at International Christian University are very diverse making ICU as one of the top international university in Japan
ICU’s diverse student population.

With the founding principle “[…] we will build a community that appreciates the value of different nationalities, races, and cultures. We will welcome faculty members from across the world, use both Japanese and English as the official campus languages, and open our doors to the whole world, without regard for race, nationality, religion, or gender”, this university continues to foster a multi-cultural community comprised of students from different backgrounds.

Located in the quaint suburbs of Mitaka City, ICU practices a bilingual education by implementing the usage of Japanese and English in its curriculum. By aiming to provide its students with opportunities to study abroad, ICU has affiliations with 73 universities in 23 different countries and regions as of 2018.

Times Higher Education Ranking: 16th Japan University Rankings 2018

Sophia University―Bringing the World Together

Inside one of the top International university in Tokyo Japan
Inside the beautiful campus of Sophia University

Sophia University’s global origins continue to flourish to this day, beside degree programs offered in undergraduate and graduate school to continuously create a diversified community.

Its main campus can be found in the center of Tokyo. This highly-selective university houses nine faculties, 10 graduate schools and 18 research institutions and centers – including smaller campuses found in the Yotsuya, Mejiro Seibo, Ichigaya, Shakujii, and Hadano areas.

As of 2016, Sophia has over 1,500 international students enrolled across various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition, this university is strongly connected to numerous institution across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia – with particularly strong links to universities in the US, Germany, and France.

Times Higher Education Ranking: 15th Japan University Rankings 2018;
1001+ World University Rankings 2019

On the whole

Overall, there are countless universities not only in Tokyo but in Japan as a whole. Many of these universities offer a wide range of courses conducted in English, that commit to creating a multi-faceted and multi-cultural community, and welcome international students to invest their potential in growing and learning. For more information, head over to Schoolynk and find the university that best matches you.

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