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Navigating a new country is difficult enough without having to struggle with navigating a new campus. Let us give you a brief introduction to Kyushu University’s beautiful and varied campuses.

Kyushu University, also known as Kyuudai (九大), is a national university with campuses spread out across Fukuoka city in Kyushu, Japan. There are six campuses in total – Ito Campus, Hakozaki Campus, Hospital Campus, Chikushi Campus, Ohashi Campus, and Beppu Campus. All the campuses are easily accessible by trains, buses, or private transportation, and access maps for more detailed information can be found on each campus’ webpage.

As international students, some of whom have left their home countries for the first time, living alone in a new city and speaking a new language can be a daunting challenge. Consequently, Kyushu University provides counseling for all international students on various issues such as life on campus or mental health in some of these campuses. For example, Hakozaki Campus and Ito Campus both contain International Student Centers as well as Counseling and Health Centers which are staffed with counselors who can speak, Japanese, English, or Chinese.

Students’ social welfare are also taken care of across the university’s many campuses. For example, the Culture Café in Hakozaki Campus encourages cross-cultural exchanges, and there are numerous athletic facilities, such as for Archery, Baseball, Tennis, and Gymnastics in campuses like Hakozaki, Ito, and Chikushi.

Kyushu University also facilitates social support and integration for international students with Japanese students through dormitory arrangements. For example, international students can decide amongst dormitories with different ratios of Japanese to international students. The highest dormitory ratio is 8:2 Japanese to international students.

Ito Campus

Ito Campus is the largest of Kyuudai’s campuses. Some key features of Ito are the ‘Big Orange’ – Ito Campus’ information hub, and ‘Shiki Hall’ – a large hall frequently used for a variety of purposes, such as university entrance ceremonies, academic conferences, and music concerts. Ito is also home to the Engineering Department and the General Education Department. The campus is located in a mostly-rural area on the Itoshima Peninsula, but it is also rich in the natural environment, and offers a diversity of outdoor activities such as camping and surfing.

Ito Library on Ito Campus (by そらみみ (Soramimi) from Wikimedia Commons,

Hakozaki Campus    

Hakozaki Campus is largely central to studies of the Humanities and the Social Sciences. It houses the Kyushu Central Library, as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Headquarters of Kyushu University on Hakozaki Campus. (By そらみみ, from Wikimedia Commons,

Beppu Campus 

The Kyushu University Beppu Hospital can be found at the Beppu Campus. As an institution for theoretical research and practical-skills building, Beppu Campus’ facilities and buildings include the Central Clinic Building, the Physiotherapy Building, and the High Energy Radiation Therapy Building.

Hospital Campus 

The Hospital Campus houses the Kyushu University School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Ohashi Campus 

Ohashi Campus is central to the Kyushu University Faculty of Design, the Graduate School of Design, and the School of Design. It houses the Design Library, which is well-equipped with materials and facilities to support visual and audio studies – for example, AV booths and microfilm-readers. Ohashi Campus also has various workshopping buildings, such as the Design and the Digital Workshop, which provide equipment and software for students to develop their own projects.

Design Workshop Building on Ohashi Campus. By Hot cake syrup, from Wikimedia Commons,

Chikushi Campus

The Chikushi Campus is home to the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), Research Institute for Applied Mechanics and the Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering. This campus is situated in Kasuga city, approximately 10 to 20 minutes by train to central Fukuoka city. Facilities in the Chikushi Campus include the “Vista Hall”, a multipurpose sports field, and a restaurant that offers Japanese and Halal cuisine.

Featured Image is Kyushu University Campus, by Jtpfbardon from Wikimedia Commons.
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