Finding an internship in Japan could seem difficult, but there are many resources that are a great help. Internships provide students with on-the-job training and experience for their future career. Internships allow you to take part in different industries and decide on your career path. Sometimes your internship could lead to a full-time position at that company as well, but searching for an internship can be very difficult. There are great websites and resources that you can utilize to find an internship that best matches your career goals.

LinkedIn offers employers and job-hunters a place to interact with one another


This website is a handy way to keep a record of your work experience. You can connect with friends, fellow classmates, and past employers. In addition to this, there are many different internship postings on Linkedin. You can easily apply to internships by making a profile on Linkedin. Internship postings may also take you to company websites to apply. You can filter your searches by selecting different locations, industries, and experience levels. Some internships that are currently posted, include companies like Apple, Bloomberg LP, and Rakuten. Visit Linkedin to make an account and find internship opportunities.

Wantedly is a platform where students can find internships in Japan


I, personally, found my internship through this website and was surprised by how easy it was to use. Similar to LinkedIn, you create a profile of your experiences and apply to internships through the website. Many of the companies on Wantedly are Japanese start-up companies. When you first apply, the company will message you to visit the office and meet with current employees. Go to Wantedly and start exploring.


Glassdoor is another platform similar to Wantedly and Linkedin. You can create a profile using one of your social media accounts, and can also upload a resume when searching for an internship. You can also sign up for a newsletter that will inform when a new internship posting is up. What makes Glassdoor useful is the reviews of the company from past employees. You can see the company ranking, ratings, and the experiences of past interns as well. Companies that are now hiring interns include Adidas, Mitsubishi, and Major League Baseball. Go to Glassdoor to see current internship postings.

The International Christian University's Placement Office is filled with students looking for job opportunities.

University Office

Often times, your University will have an office dedicated to assisting students in finding internships and part-time jobs. In most cases, universities will pair up with past alumni to connect students with internships. There are also universities that have ties with companies, accepting students each year. For instance, at International Christian University, their Placement Office provides students with workshops on writing resumes. Check out your university website to see if they offer assistance for finding internships.

Other Tips

Many of these platforms can be useful as a students when finding internships, but can also be helpful for you in the future when you are finding a career. In addition to utilizing these tools, you can also always visit the website of the company that you are interested in. Depending on the company, the website may provide information in both Japanese and English. Furthermore, the internship that you are applying for, will most likely be qualifications that you need to pass. Usually, this may include language ability and/or your major of study.

Lastly, I recommend talking with upperclassman at your school about their experiences. I know many people who were introduced to their internships through the connections they made. It can never hurt to ask someone where and how they received their internship!