Many students think that getting into university is the only goal after graduating high school. But in reality, it is just the start!

Have you asked yourself: What kind of university life do I want to experience?

This question is important because many students choose universities solely on their popularity and name value. From my personal experience, aside from rankings and academics, visiting university campuses and getting a feel of the student environment and lifestyle were significant factors to my final decision in choosing a university! Let’s explore your dream universities and discover the right university for you!

The More You Explore, The Wider Your Choices Become!

Doing extensive research online and onsite is the key to discovering the perfect university for you! Look beyond the terms “prestigious” and “top-ranking” universities, and consider the opportunities and experiences you will receive as well!

Feel the University Environment!

Stepping into the university campus environment might be the most important factor when deciding which university you want to spend the next couple of years of your life at!

So, go on campus tours and visit a handful of universities when you have the time. If the university is too far away to visit, take virtual tours and surf the internet for any vital information on campus life!

Visit the University Cafeteria!

From my personal experience, I visited university cafeterias to have a closer feel of student life! Moving around and visiting different university departments is one way to explore the campus, but it is also interesting to sit down and observe students hustling in their uni life!

Expand Your Options!

After taking campus tours in one university, maximize your time and explore other universities in the same area! If you have a prospective university in the back of your mind, visit the campus. You might think differently about the university in the end!

Most importantly, don’t forget to visit universities with an open mind!

Explore the Community!

Finding something you like or feel comfortable about in the community surrounding your university is also an important factor to consider!

Aside from studies, you will also be spending your uni life off-campus. So, when you have the time, explore what other elements the community or the city of your university has to offer! For instance, you might consider the accessibility of train stations, dormitories, apartments, restaurants, supermarkets, and much more!

Are There Student Dormitories?

In addition to your research, you can check if the university has student-housings and dorms readily available for new students!

Student dormitories are helpful in many ways! You can make new friends and receive help from residents and senpais. Sometimes you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of the building or whether you need to buy furniture and make meals because it is all provided for by the dorm! So, in your research, check out the different services offered by each dorm and their accessibility to the campus!

Your off-campus life is also part of your university experience! Take some time to research dorm life too!

Why Do All This Research?

You might be wondering: Why do extensive research on universities when I don’t know if I will go there in the end?

Well, to answer the question, the university is simply not the goal but the start! Without research, how can you imagine the next chapter of your life? It is overall important to have some kind of vision, big or small, to bring a sense of purpose and direction in your life!

I Found Something About the University I Liked!

Say after your campus visit, you overall had a good impression of the university, this is a good thing!

Finding something you like about the university will be your positive motivation to enjoy and thrive in university life and the next chapter of your life!

I Found Something About the University I Didn’t Like!

Even if you had a bad first impression, it is also a good thing! If you think it this way, you were lucky enough to realize before you entered the university the different elements of the university you didn’t like!

You can have this knowledge in the back of your mind when deciding on your university. It might help you weigh the pros and cons of the university and make a better decision in the end.

You can also take this opportunity to open doors and explore other options!

Research is Your Best Friend!

This whole process of visiting universities and doing extensive research will help you have a closer feel of university life and give you an open mind to make decisions from!

University is a new experience full of big surprises! So, make research your best friend and prepare your heart and mind for the exciting new chapter of your life!

Go for a walk around the university campus or have a cup of coffee at the cafeteria! Start your research at your own pace because your future belongs to you!