What is the East Asian Circle of Applied Technology (EACAT) Scholarship?

The Public Interest Foundation Toya Study Abroad Growing Friendship Association (abbreviated name: Erika Kai, EACAT) scholarship is a science-based international scholarship designed for prospective Asian national graduate students who wish to study abroad in Japan.  Founded by Hiroshi Hoshino, his aim was to create a scholarship that would develop East Asian manufacturing via machinery.  He hoped that those who would study in Japan would be able to bring what they had learned back to their home countries and in turn foster long-lasting relationships with industry leaders here in Japan for the mutual benefit of all involved. Mr. Hoshino passed away in 1980 but the spirit of his beliefs have and will be carried on by his successors.

One concept that this scholarship wishes to foster is a community of researchers, both students and professionals.  Once a month members of EACAT, including scholarship holders, hold a meeting where updates on research are shared with the intent of fostering a scientific community.  Japanese language skill is not a requirement, nor is it necessary for applicants to pursue studying Japanese once in Japan.  What is of utmost importance is creating community, and whatever means by which recipients plan to pursue such community is what this program wishes to nurture.

Dormitory for Scholarship Holders

There is a dedicated dormitory for scholarship holders which is more of a shared house.  There is no janitorial staff nor supervision so residents are asked to maintain the cleanliness of the property themselves.  The students who chose to live in this shared house are required to attend the monthly meetings.

For Which Universities EACAT is Applicable

The scholarship is reserved for those wishing to study science, technology, or agriculture and the schools are all located in the Greater Tokyo Area, the list is as follows:

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, Keio University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, the University of Electro-Communications, University of Tsukuba, Hitotsubashi University

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What Does the EACAT Scholarship Cover?

The scholarship provides ¥30,000 per month for one year. Of the 93 applicants in 2018, 10 received the scholarship. Applicants need to be 35 years old or younger and applicants are allowed to receive other scholarships at the same time. Rooming is included and proficiency in English is a requirement.

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Requirements for Application

In order to apply, applicants require the assistance of someone who is proficient in Japanese.  Not only are the application guidelines written exclusively in Japanese, but a 1,000 word essay as to what research applicants wish to conduct must also be written in Japanese.  The graduate program, however, would be conducted in English if desired.  There is also an interview that is conducted in Tokyo, however, Skype or some other form of internet communication is allowed if a trip to Japan is not feasible.  Along with a completed application form, academic transcripts as well as a copy of the applicants’ passport is required. Receiving funding from other scholarships is accepted as long as they do not exceed ¥150,000.

Recent Activity

In 2018 EACAT took a special excursion to Cambodia to foster relations with Cambodian high schools in an effort to promote opportunities for prospective high school graduates if they desired to pursue their higher education in Japan.  Past recipients of the EACAT scholarship from Cambodia proved to become not only successful but promoters of their experience in Japan.  By no means is Cambodia an exception, but occasionally the organizers of the EACAT scholarship will promote their scholarships abroad in person.

Good luck!