Are you looking for universities in Asia but don’t know where to begin? We feel you. It might feel like the information you need can just fall easily onto your hands in one click, but it’s actually the opposite. There’s just too much information out there. Given hundreds of options, we understand that it can be confusing to know where to start and look. Where can I get a scholarship? Which university should I apply for? What are some of the best degree programs for me in Asia? These are just some of the questions that our team will answer for you so that your college application abroad can be as hassle-free as possible. Nothing is harder than navigating through a sea of unknown territory. Just by answering a few questions, we can provide you with opportunities tailored to your academic preferences! Gone are the days where you have to scroll through several websites just to look for scholarships or degree programs at renowned universities in Asia. We’ll deliver them right to you.

To begin, just send a “Hi” to our Facebook page or go to and click “Get Started.” A bot will respond and will ask you to choose from the following three options: “University Programs,” “Scholarships,” and “Other Inquiries.

University Programs

Supposedly you picked University Programs on the first question, the bot will give you a list of countries — Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea — that we can give recommendations. Select the country where you want to study, then select the major you want to take in your chosen country. For this question, you have three options: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Medicine (STEM); Business, Economics, Finance, or Accounting; and Humanities, Arts, or Liberal Studies. Once you have selected a major, the bot will ask you if you have other questions you want to ask our team. Select “Yes” then send your questions after the bot has responded if you have inquiries; otherwise, select “No”. After that, enter your email address where we can send our recommendations, and the bot will inform you that our team will send the list of recommendations within the week, afterward.


Selecting Scholarships for the first question will lead you to choose from the three types of scholarships: Merit, Loan-based, or Stipend. If you are looking for a scholarship where you don’t have to pay for the grant after your studies, pick Merit. However, please take note that most of the merit scholarships require applicants to have an excellent academic standing. Loan-based scholarships are for students that are financially challenged and are willing to pay the grant after finishing their studies. Lastly, stipend scholarships refer to scholarships that provide monthly allowances to the recipient to assist them with their daily living expenses. Because some scholarships are catered to certain nationalities, once you pick the type of scholarship that you like, the bot will ask for your nationality, which will be used by the team to assess the scholarships that you are qualified for. After this, choose the country that you want to study in. The bot will then again ask whether you have any other inquiries, and finally ask for your email address where our support team can contact you.

Other Inquiries

If you have a specific inquiry you want to ask our team, you can do this by selecting Other Inquiries at the first question. After selecting this option, you can enter your inquiry and we’ll answer you through the email address that you have provided us!

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