Would you like to continue with further education with a change in location? Are you an admirer of Japanese culture, cutting edge technology and peacefulness? Pursuing your graduate studies here can definitely bring a great wealth of opportunities and advantages. In this article, we have gathered information about graduate programs that top Japanese universities are offering.

Kyoto University

Offering 12 different degrees in 9 schools, Kyoto University has  take a look at the two most unique programs that portray the spirit of the university. Make sure to go check out our community page for Kyoto University.

Kyoto University, Yoshida Campus
Kyoto University, Yoshida Campus


International Graduate Programme for East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies: Master’s/Doctoral. Designated to cultivate capable human resources for solving various problems such as environmental stability, food and energy supplies, uneven development between agricultural and industrial sectors, widening income disparities and ageing populations and accountability of government and business sectors in East Asia. For more, click here.


International Course in Urban and Regional Development (Department of Urban Management): Master’s. Also launched in 2011, this course aims to integrate advanced information communication technology with social infrastructure technology for sustainable, safe, and internationally competitive urban systems that can ensure a high quality of life in developing countries of the Asian and African regions. For more, click here.

The clock tower at Kyoto University, one of the symbol monuments of Kyoto University
Clock Tower of Kyoto University

The University of Tokyo

Offering 22 programs under 10 disciplines. In this article, we are also going to provide information about the two best graduate programs.

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Global Health Sciences: Program in International Health: Master’s/Doctoral. 

Established in 1992, the School of International Health was one of the very first schools concerning international health education. In order to cope with health problems worldwide, particularly in developing countries, the program focuses on understanding the variation in local, regional, and global problems and identifying scientifically reliable and socio-economically feasible ways to solve them through research. The scholars will be proficient to plan and establish relevant health policy from a global perspective. For more, click here.

One of the significant buildings at Tokyo University
The Yasuda Auditorium of The University of Tokyo

Frontier Sciences

Graduate Program in Sustainability Science – Global Leadership Initiative (GPSS-GLI): Master’s/Doctoral.

As sustainability science has a dynamic character that its domain changes according to contemporary relationships with other neighboring scientific disciplines, it is a highly needed field of our century. The nature of this program lies in its holistic, resilient and transboundary characteristics. For more, click here.

What Do the Students Say?

Graduate education is always a challenge, but as one big step towards your academic goals, you should be going to the right university. Since both the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University are consistently ranked as the two best universities in Japan, you’re bound to grow in all the right ways.

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