As a student raised in the US who decided to study abroad in Japan, I can understand why so many international students dream of attending a Japanese university. Not only are they academically prestigious, but they also offer an opportunity to live in Japan without having to stress over employment or language barriers.

This article will introduce various resources that explain important and interesting details of preparing to study abroad in Japan. Ready? Let’s go!

Must you understand Japanese to study abroad in Japan?

Japanese; Learning Language with Handwritten Alphabet Character Cards

Not necessarily! In efforts to attract more students from abroad, many Japanese universities have installed support systems for international students that cater to their needs in English! For more information on which Japanese university offer the best support for international students, visit the article Japanese Universities with the Most Resources for International Students to Study Abroad in Japan | SchooLynk Media.

While these international programs do allow foreign students to study abroad in Japan without knowing a single word of Japanese, learning the basics of the Japanese language will surely enrich your experience as a student in Japan. For Japanese language learners who are beginners and intermediate alike, check out Best Ways to Learn Japanese Before You Study Abroad in Japan | SchooLynk Media for tips and tricks on how to master this unique language!

Where is the best place to study abroad in Japan?

Practically anywhere! But since this doesn’t really help to answer the question, we’ll dive a little deeper into some specific tips that may help you decide on where exactly in Japan you would want to study.

Firstly, we must pick a prefecture and city for your study abroad in Japan destination. While most students may immediately opt for Tokyo, there are so many more unique locations in Japan that you should definitely look into. For a quick list of the best prefectures for international students to study abroad in Japan, check out the article Studying Abroad in Japan Tips: Top Cities in Japan for International Students | SchooLynk Media.

Secondly, we must decide on the type of university you plan to attend. Will it be public or private? What difference does it make? Get answers to these questions at Tips to Study Abroad in Japan: Choosing Between Public and Private Universities | SchooLynk Media.

Hopefully, these resources will help you to choose a location that best suits your definition of a satisfactory study abroad in Japan experience!

Must you be an undergraduate student to study abroad in Japan?

Perhaps your study abroad in Japan destination is not a university, but a vocational or language school. Indeed, there are plenty of other options for students who wish to study abroad in Japan! Learn more about them at Opportunities in Tokyo for Students Who Study Abroad in Japan | SchooLynk Media.

For instance, there are as many, if not more, opportunities open to graduate level students hoping to study abroad in Japan. Indeed, most graduate and post-graduate level courses are conducted in English, and the application procedures are designed to cater towards international students! Learn more at Applying for Master’s to Study Abroad in Japan | SchooLynk Media.

Opportunities to study abroad in Japan is open to students both above and below the undergraduate level. That’s right! High school students can also study abroad in Japan! Learn more at Want to Study Abroad in a Japanese High School For Free? Try the Asia Kakehashi Scholarship! | SchooLynk Media.

Last but not least, you have the option to study abroad in Japan as a short-term exchange student! Spend a summer in Japan without interrupting your studies at your home university! Learn more at Study Abroad in Japan as an Exchange Student! (Summer Programs) | SchooLynk Media.

Is it expensive to study abroad in Japan?

Not really! Compared to prestigious counterparts in the US and UK, Japanese universities have lower tuition fees. To learn more, check out Is Studying In Japan Expensive? | SchooLynk Media.

Expensive or not, it is preferable that you study abroad in Japan without having to pay a cent of tuition fees. What if I told you this was possible? To learn more on how you can earn scholarships to study abroad in Japan for free, check out 20 Scholarships for Studying Abroad in Japan | SchooLynk Media.

Aside from scholarships, there are other options to finance your studies abroad in Japan. From easy part-time jobs to saving habits, learn more about ways to finance your studies in Japan at Study Abroad in Japan: 5 Tips to Finance Your Education | SchooLynk Media.


Still not sure whether you want to study abroad in Japan? No worries! For individual consultations about our experience, feel free to message the authors for our personal tips and experiences! Let’s study abroad in Japan together!