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Founded in 1880, the peak of Japan’s pro-democracy and people’s rights movements, these principles of freedom and progress have been evidently embedded within the ethos of Hosei University. A ‘free academic atmosphere’, where the rights of others and diversity are accepted, and a ‘pioneering spirit not bound by convention’ underpins the university charter. This inherent nature of Hosei University provided the clear foundation of the outward looking and internationally engaged university that it has become today. Their long-term strategic plan ‘HOSEI 2030’ is further proof of this global approach to education, as they aim to guide and inspire the ideas of their students for the development of a democratic and sustainable society. As part of a recognition of the ever-changing and globalizing social environment, they also lay out their commitment to encouraging an increasingly diverse student body. In this context of freedom and acceptance, Hosei University provides the perfect environment for international students to come and study in Japan in English. Established in 2008, Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) was the first faculty to offer English-taught bachelors degrees, and due to the university’s recent drive to increase their number of overseas students, the number of English-based programs has been consistently expanding over the years.


Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)

Introduced as the first English-taught degree, the GIS liberal arts program offers the broadest and most encompassing course for international students to enroll on. Covering a wide range of different fields, students will look at the social and political challenges contemporary society is faced with today, all whilst developing their own global perspectives. Due to its broad nature, the liberal arts course has been categorized into five different areas of study: Arts and Literature, Linguistics and Language acquisition, Culture and Society, International Relations and Governance, and Business and Economy. Students take classes in these five different fields alongside courses in academic skills, such as writing, debate, translation etc., as well as value added courses that can include open courses in other departments, foreign language courses and career design classes.


Global Business Program (GBP)

Often termed the ‘Asian Century’, we are moving into world increasingly dominated by the power and shifts occurring in the Asian region. Recognizing this ongoing transformation, and its unique position in one of the most dynamic and relevant cities at the heart of this movement, in 2016 Hosei established the GBP. Aiming to provide students with an extensive knowledge and theory education, the GBP curriculum also includes internships, company visits, classes by guest lecturers and many more interactive experiences within the field. By engaging with these opportunities students are able to relate their class-learnt theories of business administration to actual practices. In terms of structure, the program is divided into four core units: Basic, Advanced, GBP, and Liberal Arts (in order to provide a more balanced education for GBP students).


Sustainability Co-Creation Program (SCOPE)

Committed to answering the shifting needs and issues of the global community, the SCOPE program was introduced with the aim of developing students able to contribute to the realization of a more sustainable society. Within the subjects of sustainability studies, Japan and sustainability, and humanities, students can take classes on a vast range of topics. From Japanese environmental policy, business and sustainability, strategies for intercultural communication, to civil society and NGOs, there are classes for every interest.

Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences (IGESS)

The newest English-taught degree program, IGESS was introduced as a course for developing globally minded experts in the fields of economics and social sciences, who are driven to help promote the formation of a sustainable society. Beginning with an extensive basic education and liberal arts focus, after the second year students then progress to more specialized courses within the areas of: economic theory and applications, applied global economy and global business, and business English and communication.


Applications and Costs

Admission for one of the English-based degree programs varies from course to course, and so application processes are detailed on the individual faculty websites (Links below). Costs similarly vary, however an estimation of the tuition fees for first year totals: GIS 1,543,000 JPY, GBP/SCOPE/IGESS 1,436,000 JPY. Scholarships and the Tuition Reduction System are available to international students at Hosei University.


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