Japan has always been a popular destination for students looking to study abroad. With its rich cultural background and never-ending, delicious food, it’s not hard to understand why. But what a lot of students don’t consider, is that studying abroad in Japan doesn’t only have to be a temporary thing. In fact, many universities all around Japan, offer four-year bachelor degrees to international, English speaking students. There are so many, that it can be overwhelming to consider each program and what it consists of. Below (in no specific order), we have rounded up ten popular, and hopefully academically enriching options for your future!

English University Programs in Japan - Kyoto University

Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan)

One of Japan’s most popular universities, Kyoto University, offers many options for English speaking students. Undergraduates are limited to Civil Engineering, while the Graduate programs offer nine English degree programs. Those include Economic, Engineering, Agriculture, Energy Science, Informatics, Biostudies, Medicine, Global Environmental Studies, Science, and Management. Most degrees offer many opportunities to do research, as well as fieldwork. Many renowned scientists come to talk at the university and there are many local opportunities as well. There are strong student unions for international students and as a culturally rich area, there is no shortage of things to do outside of campus life.

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Tokyo Institute of Technology

This Tokyo based famous University has one competitive option for international degree-seeking students: the Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP). 10 students who apply receive four funded years of University by the MEXT scholars program and a few other independently funded students are accepted. The program believes that transdisciplinary studies are necessary for a well-rounded scientist and engineers, and include mandatory classes such as Science, Engineering, Management, and Liberal Arts courses. The topics are almost completely self-chosen, with each student receiving proper support in order to pick the area they want to succeed in. All GSEP classes are located in their Meguro campus.

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Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)

Keio University is another top private university in Japan. It currently offers more English speaking graduate degree programs than undergraduate (24 in total). For undergraduates looking to study at Keio, the faculty of economics (PEARL) program, and the faculty of Policy Management, Environment, and Information Studies, (GIGA), offer classes in English. Graduate degree programs offer more choices like Engineering, Health, Media, and Law. The school has multiple campuses across Tokyo, and one close to the beautiful seaside of Kanagawa, where the PEARL program resides. Like Waseda, Keio also offers international dormitories, scholarships, and ways for foreign students to get involved with the community.

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Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan)

Although smaller than the previously mentioned schools, Sophia University still has some good options for foreign degree-seeking students. It boasts two major English degree programs: FLA (Faculty of Liberal Arts), and the Faculty of Science and Technology, which offers the majors Green Science, and Green Engineering. Another private university, with a campus in central Tokyo near Yotsuya station. Since the international programs have fewer students, the community is known to be more tight-knit. Like the previous schools, there are many international clubs and opportunities to meet Japanese people.

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English University Programs in Japan for International Students - Waseda University

Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)

Waseda University is one of the biggest private universities in Tokyo with many options for international students. Currently, they have seven different undergraduate/graduate schools that are all run in English. In their engineering department they offer Fundamental, Creative, and Advanced Science and Engineering Degrees. Liberal Arts, Economics, Politics, Social Sciences, and the Culture, Media, and Society school are the other majors currently offered. These four-year programs are much smaller than their Japanese counterparts but offer a good opportunity to mix with Japanese and international students alike. Waseda’s international programs are one of the most popular in Japan, with its foreign students participating actively in campus life. Aside from foreign student life, the schools offer many dormitory options that are close to the main parts of the city and school and scholarship options for those who find the price to be too steep.

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Asia Pacific University (Oita, Japan)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is located in Beppu, which is the South of Japan. It boasts an almost 50%-50% international to Japanese student ratio, which is rare in Japanese Universities. Additionally, half of the professors are also of foreign nationalities. Undergraduate students can choose from two majors: Asia Pacific Studies, or International Management. Asia Pacific Studies offers majors such as Environment and Development, Culture, Society and Media, Hospitality and Tourism, and International Relations and Peace Studies. International Management offers majors such as Strategic Management and Organization, Marketing, Innovation and Economics, and Accounting and Finance. While courses are offered in English and Japanese, foreigners are strongly encouraged to raise their Japanese proficiency enough to take major-related classes by the third or fourth year. The University stresses education from its students’ multicultural backgrounds. Located on a mountaintop, the student community is often contained within the campus and its close surrounding.

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Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo Japan)

Meiji University, located on four campuses across Tokyo, offers 7 English degree programs. Currently, only one is available to undergraduates: The School of Global Japanese Studies. This involves three areas of concentration: Culture and Art, Business and Society, and Globalization. Their graduate programs offer exciting majors like Architecture, Math, Media, Global Governance, and Business Administration. Since their English programs are mainly directed towards a doctorate or master’s student, there is less of an “international student culture” that can be found at larger, undergraduate-focused universities. Meiji University English degree programs also place a strong emphasis on learning the Japanese language in order to help assimilate with the culture.

Temple University Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

TUJ (Temple University Japan), is an overseas campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. It is the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan. All of their classes and degrees are only offered in English, and as an offshoot of an American University, teach “American style” and follow the American academic calendar. 39% of students at TUJ are American, 40% are Japanese, and other nationalities make up the remaining 21%. It is truly an international campus. Their majors include: Art (commonly not offered in English in Japan), Asian Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, General Studies, International Affairs, International Business Studies, Japanese Language, Political Science, and Psychological Studies.

English University Programs in Japan - University of Tsukuba

University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba, Japan)

The University of Tsukuba is unique in the way that it offers some of its degrees in both Japanese and English. This means that international students with a strong command of Japanese have the opportunity to learn in both languages, with more degree options. Degrees taught only in English include International Social Sciences, International Medical Science, and Global Issues. Degrees taught in Japanese and English include Geoscience, Biology, Agricultural science, and Bio-resource science. As you can see, the University is mostly science-research-focused. It boasts a huge, sprawling campus with lots of grass and beautiful nature. Tokyo is only located an hour away for those who crave more eventful nights or weekends.

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Tokyo International University (Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo International University (TIU) is located in a nice Tokyo suburb, Kawagoe. It is about 35 minutes from the city center and in close proximity to Tokyo’s best attractions. E-track is its English degree program option for international students with majors in Business Economics or International Relations. Within business, economics are smaller concentrations such as IT, Management, Finance, etc. International Relations majors have a wide range of concentrations available such as Intercultural Communications, Japanese Society, and Tourism. As a smaller university, student life is more limited inside of campus, but the opportunities in Tokyo are endless.

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