General information

Waseda University, also known as Sōdai (早大), is a private university located in the heart of Tokyo. Consistently ranking among the highly outstanding Japanese universities, Waseda has been under MEXT’s ‘Top Global University Project’ set to boost Japan’s educational competitiveness. As regards legal professionals in today’s complex society, it is crucial to educate potential students who can resolve social demands. In order to achieve this goal, Waseda University decided to establish Waseda Law School, which is a graduate-level school that has long been in top law universities in Japan.

Waseda Law School, which is also known as Waseda Graduate School of Law, offers a one-year master’s degree program which is taught entirely in English. No knowledge of the Japanese language is necessary at the time of application, but you are recommended to enroll in additional Japanese language courses. In this way, you are able to enhance your employment opportunities if you wish to stay in Japan after graduation. If you are interested in the nexus of law and economy from an international perspective, Waseda Law School is an absolutely perfect fit for you. It has created an optimal environment for teaching and learning in order to provide education that students can feel most comfortable when studying. At Waseda Law School, you are not only able to acquire theoretical knowledge about legal education, but you can also attend special seminars and conferences from government leaders or public figures in the field to broaden your horizon.

At Waseda Law School, there is a range of specialized programs for you to choose, which will be the foundation for your career:

  1. Specialized, Transnational Legal Practice
  2. Public Policy and Global Development
  3. Diplomacy and Security
  4. International Dispute Resolution or Law Enforcement
  5. International Business
  6. Academia

Most impressively, Waseda Law School will provide you with internship opportunities with law firms, companies, and government agencies in the Tokyo area.


The Waseda Law School is considerably more affordable than other law programs in the English-speaking world.

Admission Fee200,000 JPY
Annual Tuition875,000 JPY
Seminar Fee3,000 JPY
Membership Fees52,500 JPY
Total1,130,500 JPY
  • If you are currently enrolled in, have graduated from, or have completed any programs of Waseda University, you do not have to pay the admission fee.
  • If you are currently enrolled in or have graduated from any programs at Waseda University, you do not have to pay 40,000 JPY from membership fees.


Name of ScholarshipGrantNumber of
1. Okuma Memorial Awards¥400,000/ year 2
2. Ono Azusa Memorial Scholarship¥400,000/ year 1
3. Reserved Scholarship for
Successful International Examinees
¥500,000/ year
4. Scholarship for Privately
Financed International Students
50% of annual
5. MEXT Scholarship¥48,000/month
6. Japanese Government Scholarship
(864,000/half year)
7. Suenobu Foundation Scholarship¥600,000/year 1
8. Scholarship  from Masumoto
Scholarship Foundation

Please note that the number of scholars will vary from year to year.
Scholarships from #1,2,3,4 are sponsored by Waseda University, while others are from the government and private foundations.


Applicants for this program must meet one of the requirements below:

  1. Must have graduated or be scheduled to graduate from the university by the time of entrance. A law-related degree is preferred.
  2. Must receive a Bachelor’s Degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University
  3. Must have completed 16 years of standard school education overseas or be scheduled to complete such education
  4. Must have been enrolled at a university for more than three years (or have completed 15 years of school education overseas and have been recognized by the Waseda Law School as having earned a specified number of credits with an excellent academic record.
  5. Must be scheduled to reach 22 years of age by the time of entrance (March 31)

Admissions schedule:

  1. Registration online & Payment for the screening fee
  2. Submission of all required application materials by post
  3. Announcement of examinee number
  4. Interview period
  5. Announcement of successful students
  6. Entrance procedures
  7. School starts (in April only)

Required documents:

1. Application form:
You must fill out the designated form from Waseda Law School and attach a color photo in the form.

2. Certificate of Graduation/ Degree: must be original. Photocopies, faxes, or PDFs are not accepted. 

3. Academic transcript: must be original. Photocopies, faxes, or PDFs are not accepted.
You must submit official certificates for all undergraduate and graduate schools that you have attended.

4. Letter of Recommendation: You must submit two of the designated forms from Waseda Law School written by separate evaluators in English or Japanese.

5. Statement of legal background

6. Personal Statement: In the designated form, you should write your reason for applying in English. It should be typed and approximately 1,000 words in length.

7. English examination score certificates: Please submit one (or more) of the Original English Examination Score Card of TOEFL iBT, IELTS or TOEIC. *TOEFL Institution Code: B813

8. Academic writing sample: may choose to submit up to two writing samples that best represent your academic English writing ability. The samples include senior theses, essays or term papers written for a class, official reports, and published papers. Law-related content is preferred but not required.

9. Photocopy of passport (for non-Japanese students)

10. Photocopy of resident card (for domestic students)

11. Statement of financial resources: In the designated form, indicate in English how to cover expenses during the stay at the school (school and living expenses for one year for a master’s program).

12. Request for returning the submitted documents: Because the required documents must be original, if you wish to have your certificates returned, please fill out the designated form.

13. Application document checklist: a designated form is available.

All designated forms can be downloaded from this

Those who are expected to graduate from universities in China, please refer to this link for further requirements.

Waseda’s study room.

Final message

At Waseda Law School, you can further your legal education in Japan. You can also extend your network with many talented people from diverse backgrounds and enjoy your exciting journey in this beautiful country!

Why not consider Waseda and start preparing for the application process right now? A myriad of future opportunities at Waseda Law School is waiting for you!