Why Sophia University?

Sophia University, a private university located in Yotsuya, Tokyo, is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities.

At present, Sophia University offers scholarship support for students with a strong academic background and with financial hardship. 

Scholarships to Apply for Before Entering Sophia University

Here are two of the first scholarships available as students apply to Sophia University, and therefore before they are officially enrolled :

  • Sophia University New Student Scholarships: This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and graduate students, and aims to support students with financial difficulties. The scholarship amount varies from one-third to the entire tuition fee.
  • Sophia University Benefactors’ Scholarship (Adachi): This scholarship is available to international students, and covers the full tuition as well as the education enhancement fee.

For more information, visit the university scholarships page and read the 2022 Application Procedures for the Sophia University New Student Scholarship and the Sophia University Benefactors’ (Adachi) Scholarship!

NEW Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

A new scholarship for students in the Doctoral Program was introduced this year called “Sophia University Graduate School Scholarship for Fostering Researchers in Doctoral Program”! This scholarship opens in April 2022 and will be available for new and current students in the doctoral program!

  • Students in the Sophia University Graduate School of Science and Technology can receive 400,000 yen (annually)
  • Students in other Sophia University Graduate Schools can receive 300,000 yen (annually)

For information on scholarship eligibility, selection process, and more, visit the Sophia University scholarship page or read the scholarship application guideline!

Other Scholarships!

Below is a list of scholarships taken from the 2021 Scholarship Information Guide for which students can apply to directly through the Center of Student Affairs. 

The following three categories of scholarships are offered at Sophia University.

  1. Sophia University Tuition Support Scholarship: Students can receive grants that cover partial or full tuition!
  2. Sophia University Benefactors’ Scholarships: Students can receive scholarships for one year!
  3. Other scholarships specific to students in certain programs or courses!

The type of scholarships may be subject to change in 2022, so keep updated on the Sophia University Scholarship Information page!