Studying in one of Japan’s most elite universities, like Nagoya University, is a strongly coveted opportunity by many students around the world. It is one of the Seven National Universities, which are widely believed to be the best in the country. Nagoya Daigaku (名古屋大学), or commonly abbreviated Meidai (名大), provides a rewarding education and opens up many career prospects to its graduates. However, the tuition together with the relatively high living costs in Japan can be a hindrance to many international students. Luckily, several scholarship options can ease a student’s finances while studying at Nagoya University, let’s check them out! For further information on scholarships in Japan, click here. 

1. Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship

Campus buildings in Nagoya University.


As part of the Japanese Ministry of Education’s Global 30 Universities program, Nagoya University offers the Nagoya University Global 30 Undergraduate Scholarship for a select number of international undergraduate students which covers all tuition fees for the duration of four years, and also provides an additional stipend of 500,000 JPY each year for living and personal costs.  Since the application for this scholarship is completed before admittance to the university, prospective students should definitely attempt this scholarship when applying to Nagoya University’s bachelor programs! View this scholarship on Schoolynk scholarships search tools.

The Application Process & Eligibility

Students must fill out an Application Form and provide an income statement that will be sent along with the main application to the predetermined program. Recipients of the scholarship are selected based on criteria such as academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and financial need.

Rules and Responsibilities

Grantees are expected to maintain good academic performance, uphold a proper attitude on campus and the surrounding community, and also become a “student ambassador” for Nagoya University. The scholarship may be terminated if grantees are found not fulfilling these responsibilities, so make sure to keep this in mind!

Grantees must also give up the scholarship if they are receiving any other award that grants over 500,000 JPY each year.

For more details on the Nagoya University Global 30 scholarship, please check here.

2. Aichi Prefectural Government Scholarship for International Graduate Students from Asian Countries

Nagoya Castle and cherry blossoms during springtime.


To promote international cooperation for the development of Aichi Prefecture’s manufacturing industry, the Aichi Prefectural Government provides a scholarship to study in Aichi. This allows for a selected number of graduate students who must hail from the following Asian countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam.

The scholarship covers all tuition fees and other school expenses for the duration of the predetermined program. Moreover, it provides 150,000 JPY each month for living and personal costs.

Are you a graduate student from one of the countries listed above? Try to apply for this one if you are!

The Application Process

For this scholarship, applicants must apply through a graduate school in Aichi Prefecture, such as Nagoya University. They will have to submit the application form to the graduate school in order to be recommended to the Aichi Prefectural Government for consideration.

Rules and Responsibilities

Grantees are expected to study a subject that will contribute to the development of Aichi Prefecture’s manufacturing industry. They must then find employment in a company that is based or has a branch in Aichi Prefecture. During the first year of study, the grantees are required to intern in companies introduced by the prefectural government.

Grantees are not allowed to receive any other scholarships from other foundations or organizations.

For more information about the Aichi Prefectural Government scholarship, please check here.

3. JUGAS-Nagoya University Undergraduate Scholarship for Singaporean Students

Attendees at the Nagoya University festival, Meidaisai.


The Japan University Graduates Association of Singapore and Nagoya University are providing a scholarship for outstanding Singaporean students to study in Nagoya University’s international undergraduate programs. The award will grant up to 500,000 JPY each year and up to 100% waiver for tuition fees.

This scholarship is a unique opportunity for all young Singaporean students who wish to study at Nagoya University!

The Application Process

Applicants must fill out the application forms to their intended programs at Nagoya University and send them directly to the JUGAS office via post. To be considered for the scholarship, students should not apply through the online application. After the first round of selection, applicants will be required for an interview.

Rules and Responsibilities

The scholarship will be stopped if the grantee can not finish the course, due to poor academic performance, or if the grantee is brought into disciplinary action by the university for poor conduct. Recipients of this scholarship also cannot receive any other scholarships that exceed 500,000 JPY each year.

After graduation, grantees are required to join JUGAS as a life member.

For more information about the JUGAS-Nagoya University scholarship, please check here.

Final Thoughts

Aerial view of the campus grounds of Nagoya University.

For those who wish to study at Nagoya University, in need of financial support, or happen to be eligible for the scholarships above, don’t hesitate to apply. However, in order to avoid financial difficulties while studying in Japan, it would be better to have just enough personal funds to support your living costs, so that you will not be stressed and distracted from your studies while trying to make ends meet!


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