Comprising nine campuses and one joint research facility, Waseda University is one of Japan’s largest educational facilities. Most of the university’s campuses are located within Tokyo, for example, the campuses of Waseda, Toyama, Nishi-Waseda, Kikui-cho, TWIns, Nihombashi, and Higashi-Fushimi. The Tokorozawa and Honjo campuses are located not too far away in Saitama Prefecture, while the furthest campus, the Kitakyushu Campus, is located on the southern island of Kyushu. Each campus has a different academic focus but are all easily accessed by public transportation from major train stations or airports.

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Waseda University’s main campus is the Waseda Campus. The campus is situated in the heart of Tokyo at Shinjuku, and features six faculties, the Central Library, and University Administration amongst other facilities.

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As an international university (over 5,000 international students across its many campuses), Waseda has facilities to support international students coming to Japan for the first time. For example, the Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) is an establishment that encourages cross-cultural exchanges and offers many types of support to international students. Furthermore, not only does the ICC facilitate interaction within students and faculty of the university, it also encourages networking with the local community around Waseda.

Support for international students is also woven into students’ living environments. Waseda University offers housing options that allow international students to live with Japanese students, therefore facilitating cross-cultural exchanges through everyday interactions. For example, the Waseda International Student House (WISH) is home to a dynamic mix of international and Japanese students, and further fosters interaction through communal facilities such as multi-purpose rooms, fitness rooms, and music rooms, among other facilities.

Waseda University also features an exciting campus life. Students are supported in their numerous interests and activities by a whole host of facilities targeted at encouraging student activities. Students can choose from a wide and diverse range of Circle Activities (extra-curricular activities) to join and make use of Waseda’s many facilities.

In addition, Waseda University supports a holistic learning environment through its many cultural institutions. For example, The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre located on Waseda Campus is the only museum in Asia dedicated to performing arts, and in addition to hosting permanent historical exhibitions, the theatre also stages special exhibitions. Another example is the Aizu Museum, also located on Waseda Campus, which is home to many of Waseda University’s cultural treasures.

Waseda University, Waseda Campus, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre.
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Prospective students have the option to attend Waseda University’s campus tours. Student guides will lead prospective students, as well as their parents, around the university to tour Waseda’s various landmarks, explore its history, and understand student life across Waseda’s various campuses. More information can be found on Waseda University’s website, and while most of the tours are conducted in Japanese, the Waseda and Nishi-Waseda campuses do offer English guided tours.

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