Waseda Business School’s International MBA program is one of the largest and most prestigious English-taught MBA programs in Japan. It is designed for both business professionals and students with the desire of becoming global business leaders in Asia.

MBA programs are notorious for being expensive. However, studying at Waseda Business School’s International MBA may not be as costly as you may think. Continue reading to find out more about the International MBA program, its fees, and some of the scholarships on offer!

Waseda Business School 

The Waseda Business School was formally established in 1980 as one of Japan’s premier institutions for business studies. The school aims to equip students with actionable management knowledge and develop insightful and responsible leaders with global perspectives. The MBA program has undergone a series of changes but its current version was established in 2007. It has now been running for 13 years. The Japanese MBA program commences in April whilst the English MBA program starts in September. In this article, we will be looking at the International MBA which is offered in English. 

What is the International MBA Program? 

The International MBA Program is a full-time, two-year program master’s program conducted entirely in English. Classes are conducted during the day (9:00 am – 6:00 pm). About 45 students are accepted into the program every year. 

The program aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge across seven core business areas: 

  • Marketing
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management of People and Organizations
  • Global Management
  • General Management

Furthermore, students can choose to specialize in three of five disciplines offered as elective courses. 

  • Business Data Analysis
  • Economics for Business Administration
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology & Operations Management

International MBA Program Fees

Entrance Fee Tuition Student Health PromotionMutual Aid Association Fee Alumni Association Membership Fee Total
1st Year200,0001,640,0003,0001,843,000
2nd Year1,840,0003,00040,0001,883,000
  • Note: Additional fees are required for taking language learning courses at the Center of Japanese Language. The typical cost for eight credits (four courses) is approximately 40,000 yen. 

The total cost for the two-year International MBA program is 3,726,000 yen (roughly 34,500 USD as of May, 2020). Including the compulsory Japanese courses, the total cost is expected to be 3,730,000 yen which is roughly 35,000 USD. 

For comparison sake, an MBA program at Harvard University and Stanford University are expected to cost around USD $111,102 and $118,644 respectively. Therefore, studying at Waseda University, a top business school in Asia, is expected to cost ⅓ of the price of that of top business schools in the US. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that Japanese business schools offer a multitude of scholarships offered by both the government and private institutions to further subsidize these costs. See the section below.  

Scholarships for the International MBA Program

Here is the list off scholarships available to students enrolled in the International MBA Program

Scholarships offered at the time of enrollment

  • Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship 
    • 50% reduction from one-year tuition
  • Reserved Scholarship for Successful International Applicants
    • 500,000 JPY per year (for 1 year or 2 year)

Scholarships offered after enrollment 

  • Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship
    • 144,000 JPY/Month and Full-tuition coverage for 2 year tuition
  • Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship
    • 48,000JPY/Month
  • Azusa Ono Memorial Scholarship (for International students)
    • Annual grant of 400,000 JPY
  • Okuma Memorial Scholarship
    • Annual grant of 400,000 JPY

Furthermore, students are able to find their own scholarships offered by public or private institutions to help reduce the fees associated with the MBA degree.

Hear what the students have to say

Lastly, here are some testimonials from past participants of the International MBA program! 

Binglu Ge from China: 

I enjoy the MBA student life at WBS because I can utilize the abundant resources to deepen my insight into both the Japanese and global business worlds. In the various pragmatic courses, we learn advanced business management knowledge, and can also acquire leadership skills through a variety of class formats. Sometimes our business education can be put to use in real companies. Those precious opportunities talking with executives and entrepreneurs were also opportunities that gave me new insight into actual business scenarios.

I have great appreciation for our professors, who are well qualified with strong educational backgrounds and work experience. They have aligned me closer to the realities of business in action.

I am certain that the skills and network I have acquired at WBS will be beneficial in my future career.

Christian Camilo Quitian Rojas from Colombia 

WBS is not only the most well-known business school in Japan but also has provided me with the opportunity to share experiences with Japanese and international students from all over the world, helping me to develop a global mindset and giving me the skills to succeed in the future.

Thanks to the MBA degree thesis we develop under supervision from highly experienced professors both in the academic and consulting fields; we get an early start to develop our future careers. I am hoping to take this opportunity to develop a plan for new commercial bridges between my country and Japan, helping to enrich them culturally and economically.

Seulgi Park from South Korea 

My experience at WBS has been wonderful and highly beneficial to my future career. The main reason why I chose WBS as an MBA student is that WBS is the most well-known business school in Japan, with highly qualified professors who have deep knowledge and extensive experience in the Japanese business world. Additionally, students learn a balance between Japanese and global management issues at the same time. From my previous work experience, I have had opportunities to work with Japanese companies, which made me curious about their decision-making process and relationship with foreign partners. In this regard, I have learned a lot and I am learning more every day.

Japanese companies are some of the biggest influencers in the global business world. If you desire or expect to work with Japanese businesses in the future, WBS is the place where you should go.


The International MBA program is a premier masters program offered by Waseda Business School, one of Japan’s most prestigious academic business institutes. The program offers the perfect balance between networking with international classmates whilst maintaining a close and individualized relationship with professors, with roughly 45 students enrolled per cohort per year. Furthermore, the International MBA program is, in relative terms, highly affordable. Compared to top business schools in the US, Waseda’s International MBA program fees are about ⅓ of that of US universities, at around 3,730,000 yen or 35,000 USD for the two-year duration. 

Considering that a multitude of scholarships is also available to further reduce these costs, students with a passion for pursuing an MBA should, in my opinion, seriously consider Waseda’s International MBA program.