Trying to find an appropriate word to capture my freshman year experience led me to decide upon “heartwarming” as the perfect term. Yes, it does sound slightly odd, but it’s the one. I joined the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) at Sophia University to explore an education that would fuel my passion for academics. My first year was an explorative introduction to what FLA and the university has to offer to students. In my experience I found that the school faculty is made up of extremely understanding, supportive, and driven individuals. I was impressed with how approachable my professors were and how comfortable I felt in seeking out support directly from the university. Feeling connected and cared about as a student at Sophia has inspired me to grow more confident in taking on life challenges.

being supported by my teachers in sophia university's FLA made me feel confident


I was able to explore a variety of different courses in FLA

There is a wonderful selection of classes taught in FLA. I had the pleasure of taking a variety of courses in anthropology, literature, composition, Japanese, and philosophy during my first year. My favorite one by far was Thinking Processes; a mandatory course for freshmen. We were taught how to think critically about conventional ideas through analyzing texts and exploring their themes through writing.

sharing ideas and exploring different perspectives in my class at sophia university taught me a lot

The texts provided had a wide range – plays, poetry, essays, and passages from books were provided to explore the concept of challenging the status quo. Environmentalism, feminism, philosophy, economics, history and myriad other topics were presented in these texts. Synthesizing information by comparing and contrasting the themes present in the course materials was very stimulating. Other classes were certainly immersive and rewarding as well, but Thinking Processes was a class that made me appreciate the time and money I am currently investing into college.

Note: This fantastic speech by David Foster Wallace captures the academic value of what was taught in Thinking Processes’.


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My first impression of the FLA faculty was overwhelmingly positive and I’m fortunate to say that it has remained that way since. I vividly remember the kind demeanor of the staff recall being very impressed.

Whether it was personal or technical problem, FLA staff consistently devoted their time and energy to help me succeed. My professors were open to having conversations my academic performance and graciously offered adjustments to help me complete assignments when I was struggling. Each person I sought help from – professors, the FLA chairman, and the academic office staff – took me seriously and let me discuss personal matters in confidence, offering their assistance in any way I needed. The anxiety I have from being far from home doesn’t make its way into my academic life because of the support I feel from FLA. It was and still is immensely comforting to know I am surrounded by a staff that had students’ best interests in mind.

the faculty at sophia university helped me through hard times

It goes without saying that I am looking forward to continuing my academic journey at Sophia. Not only will I continue to expand my academic knowledge – I’ll also learn invaluable lessons in character from the admirable faculty members along the way. My university experience has been tumultuous and will certainly continue to throw me curveballs. I am confident, however, that I’ll learn to hit them with more tact and accuracy by immersing myself in the education FLA provides for its students.