What is the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program?

The Rotary Peace Center was established in 1999, in line with International Christian University’s mission to promote peace worldwide. Rotary Peace Centers aim to grow future leaders who want to be “catalysts for peace” and specialize in conflict resolution. These centers have been established in 6 countries around the world.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Program is a fellowship program through which Rotary Fellows will study and research global issues, with a primary focus on conflict resolution. These Fellows will belong to the Graduate School as regular students of Public Policy and Social Research Program

At the end of the program, these Fellows will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies.

What does the Fellowship cover?

Through this Fellowship, application fees,  admission fee, tuition fees, and facilities fees will be covered for the Fellows. Other allowances such as living allowances and research funding is also provided.

Public Policy and Social Research Program

The Public Policy and Social Research program is designed such that it prepares students for work in important administrative positions within Japan and organizations worldwide.

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Peace Studies

ICU offers a wide variety of courses related to peace studies, ranging from foundation courses to more specialized courses such as gender, religion, international law and conflict resolution. Students who then graduate are expected to be able to research and study existing conflict, conduct empirical analysis, and work together with national governments, international organizations, and non-government organizations.

Why International Christian University?

East Asia is currently in the midst of one of the most pivotal turning points in human history. China, with all its political might and influence, has become a major force to be reckoned with. Its miraculous economic growth over the past 20 years has pushed it from just a footnote in the world economy to a player who affects markets. Japan holds the unique position of being China’s largest trading partner, and being one of the closest allies to the United States. Growing economic tensions between China-US puts Japan in a tough spot as they are the key to balance in East Asia.

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Application Procedures

Applicants who wish to pursue the Fellowship at ICU are required to apply to their local Rotary District, and not directly to ICU.  The Peace Fellowship Application Program has certain requirements, which are listed below:

  • Proficiency in English, with proficiency in a second language strongly recommended
  • Strong commitment to international understanding and peace as demonstrated through professional and academic achievements and personal or community service
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • For master’s degree candidates, a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of related full-time work or volunteer experience
  • For certificate candidates, at least five years of related full-time work or volunteer experience

It also has a few restrictions on applicants:

  • Active Rotary members
  • Employees of a Rotary club or district, Rotary International, or other Rotary entity
  • Spouses, lineal descendants (children or grandchildren by blood or legal adoption), spouses of lineal descendants, or ancestors (parents or grandparents by blood) of any living person in these categories
  • Former Rotary members and their relatives as described above (within 36 months of their resignation)

These were taken from the Rotary website. For more information click the link.