The University of Tokyo’s main Hongo campus is situated on the historical Edo residency of the Maeda clan during pre-Meiji Japan.  Most of the structures collapsed during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, however.  Two structures remain, one being the imposing “Akamon” (Red Gate), the other being Sanshiro Pond.  This is where the history of the university begins, but some of the school’s most iconic structures were built soon after the school’s inception.

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The Yasuda Auditorium was built in 1925, and though similar in design to the gate tower of Cambridge University, Yasuda represents Japan’s ambition to modernize in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  However, the most interesting building on campus may be one of the most recent.  The Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building of the Interfaculty Initiative for Information Studies is a scientifically state of the art building that actively inputs environmental changes, (such as temperature, radiation, humidity, etc.), which are then available to students within the building as part of their research.  The cafe’s menu was also designed by a former Iron Chef!

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There are two other campuses, one of which that houses the English based PEAK program at Komaba campus (Programs in English At Komaba).  This campus lies just west of Shibuya, and historically was once the Shogunate hunting grounds.  Some large trees still remain in the area, most of which have now been long gone when considering Tokyo’s foliage.  Since this campus is the main location where undergraduate international students attend, it also provides ample opportunity for cross-cultural intermingling.  Circles and sports teams are inclusive and there are arranged internationally minded get togethers throughout the year.  Most of the undergraduate English speaking students are centered on this campus, and with it’s close proximity to Shibuya and it’s surrounding late night areas, Komaba appears a good place to get stuck in if one wants to experience modern Tokyo with other like minded students.

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