Established in 1911 as one of the imperial colleges of Japan, Kyushu University is famous for its being a member of the premier National Seven Universities. This Japanese national university is located in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu. According to Times Higher Education (2019), Kyushu University ranks 4th in Japan. The university is actively admitting international students to diversify its student body population, and its 13% acceptance rate of foreign applicants speaks for itself. Kyushu University has 16 faculties, 11 undergraduate schools, and 18 graduate schools. It is home to nearly 19,000 students, from some 90 countries, with over 2,000 academic faculties. With the aim of fostering an international environment, Kyushu University attracts students by providing them with an enormous amount of scholarships available on its financial aid page.

If you plan on applying for Kyushu’s scholarships in 2020, check this article for the necessary information!

1. MEXT Scholarship 2020

You can know this scholarship offer via “Monbukagakusho”. With thousands of recipients from all over the world, MEXT Scholarship is the ticket to achieving your academic goals. The benefits of the MEXT Scholarship make it the most prestigious Japanese scholarship among international students wishing to come to Japan.

Grant: Monthly Stipend
Doctoral course: ¥145,000
Master’s course: ¥144,000
Research: ¥143,000

For overseas students:

(1) By Embassy Recommendation
Japanese consulates call for applications and MEXT decides on the scholars.
i) Research students (Graduate level only)
ii) Undergraduate students
iii) Applicants for Japanese studies (undergraduate level only)

(2) By Kyushu University Recommendation
Kyushu University recommends the candidates to MEXT and then MEXT decides on the scholars.
   i) Research students (Graduate level only)
  ii) Applicants for Japanese Language and Culture Course (Undergraduate level only)
  iii) Applicants for the Young Leaders Program

For students already enrolled in Kyushu University

Through Kyushu University nomination (privately-financed students enrolled now at Kyushu University)
Applicants are either:
 i) Graduate students
 ii) Undergraduate students (final year) who are enrolled now at Kyushu University. The applicants are recommended by Kyushu University to MEXT and then MEXT will decide on the scholars.

For further details regarding the application procedure for each of the aforementioned student groups, please visit this site.


2. Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship 2020

Offering this scholarship program, Kyushu University hopes to support short-term students and Double Degree Program students overseas who have less chance to apply for the scholarship supported by private foundations.

  • Grants:

Scholars will receive a monthly stipend of 80,000 JPY and Travel Expenses (*)

Support Period:
+ First-term: From April 2020 to September 2020 (Up to 6 months)
+ Second Term: From October 2020 to March 2021 (Up to 6 months)

(*) MEXT will cover round-trip economy air tickets via the most direct route between Fukuoka and the location of the recipient’s university. 

+ From Asia: Up to 50,000 JPY
+ Outside of Asia: 100,000 JPY

  • Number of scholars: Approximately 5-8 students per term (Depends on the budget)
  • Eligibility:
    Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a non-Japanese university that is recognized as a leading university in that country.
  • Deadline:
    For 2nd Term Application (October 2020 – March 2021): Friday, May 15th, 2020

For further details about the requirement and application process, you can access the information provided in the 2020 guidebook via this link.

Apart from these two most prestigious scholarships offered by Kyushu University, we will give you another list of private financial backing. You can visit each of the organization’s website for further details.

Note: Name of scholarship (Grant – Duration – Eligibility)

For Master’s / Doctoral Program:

For Undergraduate Program:

Please note that some of these scholarship programs may require specific criteria. For example, some may require applicants to have sufficient Japanese to fill in the application form and conduct the interview entirely in Japanese. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carefully check the website for detailed information and prepare your application plan.

To sum up, Kyushu University is a leading institution abundant in academic resources and scholarships to apply for. For students who are particularly dedicated to studying medicine, engineering, or science, Kyushu University is undoubtedly the perfect fit for you!

To get all the latest news and hear what enrolled students share about their experiences about Kyushu University, visit the Kyushu University Community Page! The page is regularly updated, so students or potential applicants can see which scholarships are available to apply for as well as their end dates.