Park Yong Koo Scholarship

Park Yong Koo Scholarship is provided by the Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation “朴龍九育英会”.  This scholarship is provided to Korean graduate students studying in Japan. The scholarship aims to support Korean students studying in Japan while promoting friendly relationship between Korea and Japan. The monthly scholarship reward is ¥70,000 which is awarded in four instalments of ¥2,10,000 a year. The scholarship is valid for only one year but in particular cases the scholarship can be extended. The scholarship is provided to about 10 students (5- Masters, 5- Doctorate) every year and is announced as vacancy arises. Lastly, this scholarship cannot be merged with other scholarships.

Eligibility for Scholarship

In order to apply for the scholarship the student must be a Korean national studying in Japan. Students enrolled in Japanese graduate university as foreign student “留学生” (excluding research students “研究生”) are eligible for the scholarship. Though students from all majors are applicable to apply for the scholarship, first priority is given to students in the field of Science and Engineering. For applicant enrolled as a Masters student, the age limit is 30, while for those enrolled as Doctorate student, the age limit is 35. The student must also have an outstanding academic record. The financial status of the applicant is also taken into consideration. Similarly, recipients of any other scholarship are ineligible to apply for this scholarship. Finally, the applicant also must be motivated towards contributing towards world peace.

Application Process

The applicant must apply for the scholarship directly to the Park Yong Koo Foundation. The notice for application usually begins around February and the application period ends in March. All the necessary application for the scholarship are made available in the research office of the university where the applicant is studying. First, the applicant has to fill the prescribed application form along with his/her recent picture. The documentation also includes one copy of CV (履歴書) and one copy of shinjyousho (身上書). The applicant must also verify their student status by submitting the Certificate of Student Status (or Certificate of Enrollment). The applicant is also required to report their academic progress by submitting copies of their transcripts alongside a 400 characters self-recommendation including the theme of one’s research topic.  All documents must be sent through post mail directly to the address of the foundation and submission in person directly to the office will not be accepted.

Selection process

There are two levels of screening for the scholarship. The first level of screening is based on the documents sent as part of the application. Lack of necessary documents or information or submission of false documents would result in disqualification of the application. The applicants are thus advised to be taken special care. The results of the first screening are notified to every applicant by the end of April.

The second level of screening is based on an interview. The interview date is assigned to each candidate individually. The interview procedure ends by mid-May and the final result will be notified by end of May.

Further Information

Any further queries regarding the scholarship can be made to the office of the respective school or directly to the Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation.

Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation
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3-8-6 Dai 2 Chuo Bldg, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ward, Tokyo, Japan

Telephone no.: 03-3271-3414

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