The world today with its ongoing political, economic and social problems, the poverty line remains stagnant around the world with inequalities remaining in different aspects. These topics need to be studied to find viable solutions for the benefit of the world, and these start in the confines of a young student’s mind.



School of International and Area Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or TUFS, is a specialist research university in Tokyo, Japan, offering the opportunity to study the social sciences under the School of International and Area Studies. Students who have a desire to analyze the problems of the 21st century and have an interest in studying in Japan are able to take courses taught in English. Students who wish to gain insight and share their opinions regarding the issues of the modern world, while having the pleasure to live in Japan, are given the chance to think methodically, testing their knowledge about the modern world.

The Program

Students who want to pursue studying a four year degree program under the School of International and Area Studies are given the chance to choose their major area, or their focus of study during their first year while taking Global Liberal Arts subjects as part of the Global liberal arts program, a course participated by every department in TUFS. At the start of the third year of the program, students choose their course of specialized education, whether it would be the course of Area Studies, Contemporary Global Studies or the International Relations, students focus on one course through discipline oriented lectures and seminars.

Major Area of study




The major area of study chosen by the students becomes their ‘unit of affiliation’, being able to choose which language to focus on while studying multilingual areas for the first two years of the program. The students also get to decide their own specialist fields through their choices of introductory and survey subjects. The students are given a choice to focus on different parts of the world, such as North America, Latin America, East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, giving the students the freedom to study various countries’ affairs.


The School of International and Area Studies offer three courses for specialization to third-year students of the program:

  • The Course of Area Studies

A specialization with the emphasis on area related classes such as Transregional studies, Japanese Area Studies, and Eurasian studies.

  • The Course of Contemporary Global Studies

A specialization which focuses on tackling specific issues of and topics of the modern world, offering classes such as Gender studies, Sociology, Philosophical and Social Thought, and Modern Social History.

  • The Course of International Relations

A specialization incorporating various branches of the social sciences, with classes such as Economics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Business Administration and International Affairs.

The School of International and Area Studies do not only offer lecture-style classes, but they also offer students research seminars in compliance with their chosen course, attending the seminars from their chosen research advisors and generating a graduation thesis and/or graduation research in their fourth year.