University Overview

Meiji University was founded in 1881 and is amongst Japan’s finest universities. Meiji is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo and has four campuses: Surugadai, Izumi, Ikuta, Nakano. Meiji University’s undergraduate program consists of 10 schools ranging from the School of Political Science and Economics, to the School of Law and the School of Global Japanese Studies; Meiji has graduated over 520,000 students.

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Scholarship Objective

The Meiji International Students Incentive Scholarship Program recruits young, capable students to study at Meiji University. Students from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are eligible to apply. Recipients of this scholarship are expected to strengthen ties between Japan and their home country.

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Not only must you be a student from one of the target countries listed, but you must also have citizenship for that country along with residing in that country during the application process. Students with dual citizenships are only eligible if both citizenships are from the same target country/region. Students enrolled as a MEXT scholar do not have to live in the target country during the application process. Students must also be admitted to Meiji University through the admission exams specific to international students. Moreover, students must plan to have a resident status as a “College Student” and may not receive any other scholarships. Lastly, students must be motivated to join international networking activities for Meiji University students.

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Required Documents

For this scholarship, students must write a short essay and provide two letters of recommendation alongside filling out the Scholarship application. Guidelines to the remaining required documents can be found in the 2022 Admission Application Guideline

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Scholarship Benefits

The Meiji International Students Incentive Scholarship is a highly rewarding scholarship. This scholarship provides a monthly stipend of JPY100,000 and round trip flight tickets to Japan. Furthermore, recipients are also reimbursed for the examination and application fee. Recipients will receive 50% or 100% waivers to university fees like the Educational Development fee or the Lab Fee. Waiver fee will be determined and informed by Meiji University to the grantee.

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Important Notes

Grantees of this scholarship are individually informed after the screening process – the interview for the screening process is conducted over Skype and Meiji University does not respond to inquiries about the selection process of the scholarship.

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The scholarship may be canceled under the following circumstances: if application documents are incorrect or false, if the grantee shows poor academic performance, or if the grantee is deemed inappropriate for this scholarship. Scholars may be required to apply for the MEXT Scholarship if they qualify. More important notes can be found on the Meiji University Financial Aid page and the 2022 Admission Scholarship Application Guideline! 

Final Thoughts

If you are considering studying abroad in Japan, the Meiji International Students Incentive Scholarship is definitely one to look in to. This scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and even English track students. The scholarship and admissions application form can be found here: