School of International Education

The School of International Education at Kanazawa University provides the necessary education for both international students and Japanese students to succeed abroad. This particular school provides education related to Japanese language and culture. In addition, they offer assistance for international students to adjust to life in Japan. This school is offered to undergraduate students, graduate students, and exchange students. The goal of this school is for students to be able to attend lectures taught in Japanese and continue their research in Japan.

Exchange students at Kanazawa University can learn Japanese while pursuing their selected research

Integrated Japanese Language Program (IJLP)

Regardless of what you’re studying and how long you’re in Japan, you are able to participate in the IJLP if your native language is not Japanese. There are seven different levels and you can select the class most appropriate for your ability. Courses consist of comprehension, kanji and skill-specific classes. Skill-specific classes are composed of talking, listening, writing, and reading. You can select classes that align with your goal and objectives for learning Japanese.

This program also offers a semester program for international students from affiliated Universities to learn the Japanese language and culture. In addition to the semester program, there is the Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP). This program is a one year program for international students to learn more about the Japanese language and take courses related to their majors.

Exchange students in the semester program that study Japanese and continue their major related courses

Intensive Japanese Language Program

This six-month intensive course is for those of the graduate level to study Japanese in Japan while pursing their research in Japan. Many of the students of this program are Japanese government scholarship recipients. Students are expected to study for five hours a day for five days a week. The main objective of this program is for students to acquire the skills equivalent to that of the Japanese Language Placement test Level 4 (JLPT N4). This course offers Japanese assistance for major-related activities in addition to activities involving traditional Japanese activities (tea ceremony, calligraphy, etc.).

Exchange students can learn about traditional Japanese activities like the tea ceremony tradition

Japanese Language and Culture Program

This one year program is taught solely in Japanese to refine the language abilities of students while heightening their understanding of the Japanese culture and society. Through this program, students will gain knowledge to view contemporary Japan from a variety of perspectives. By taking advantage of Kanazawa’s deep history, students will acquire a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Japan-Korea Joint Program for Science & Engineering Students program

This program is offered to exceptional Korean students that plan to take part in the Science & Engineering Students program as undergraduates. Students can be graduated or enrolled in high school. This program allows direct acceptance into Kanazawa University, and include preparatory education before enrollment. Courses include Japanese language classes in addition to major-related classes.


Exchange students at the School of International Education at Kanazawa Univeristy

Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program for Science and Technology (KUEST)

The KUEST program is a one year program offered to students to learn the Japanese language while continuing their research in science and technology. During this program, students have the opportunities to pursue their selected research in a laboratory with the guidance of an academic advisor. This program allows you to learn Japanese while carrying out your desired research.

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