Want to have free, one-on-one consultations with staff members from top universities in Japan? Want to get reliable, up-to-date information about studying abroad in Japan?

If you answered yes, then sign up for the “Experience Japan Exhibition 2022 Online” event today!

WHAT is this event?

The “Experience Japan Exhibition 2022 Online” will introduce diverse programs, courses, scholarship information, and online opportunities, offered by more than 20 Japanese universities, and share insider information on studying abroad in Japan.

Experience Japan Exhibition (EJE) is hosted by Keio University and endorsed by the British Council with the purpose of increasing the presence of Japan and Japanese universities across Europe and Asian countries. Following the success of last year’s online event, the Experience Japan Exhibition 2022 will also be held online!

WHO should join?

The event is free and open to everyone! It is especially helpful to those who are…

  1. Preparing to study in Japan
  2. Still deciding on whether or not to study in Japan
  3. Wanting to pursue a career in Japan
  4. Looking for internship opportunities and scholarships to study in Japan
  5. Simply curious about the international opportunities open at prestigious universities and workplaces in Japan!

WHEN will it be held?

Saturday, November 19, from 16:00–21:00 JST [7:00–12:00 GMT]

NOTE: This schedule is based on Japan Standard Time, and the event’s starting time may differ based on the standard time of your location! Please check our website, and don’t forget to mark your calendars!

WHERE will it take place?

You can join from ANYWHERE! The entire event will be held online! [REGISTRATION information down below]

WHY should you join?

This event will provide up-to-date and detailed information on how to make the most out of your study abroad experience in Japan! It is an opportunity to receive personalized consultation from the following top universities in Japan…free of charge!

The event also offers general seminars and booths that cover topics on scholarships, internships, careers, and research in Japan. Examples include sessions by The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Disco Inc., the UK JET Programme, and the International Student Study Kyoto Network.

For those who are doubting whether or not to study in Japan amid the pandemic, Japanese universities offer the following benefits (just to name a few) that make the challenge worth the while!

  • Amid international polarization and mistrust, the importance of international education, in general, is more apparent than ever before.
  • Japanese universities offer high-quality education online as well as on-campus while implementing infection prevention measures.
  • Students can encounter life-changing cultural experiences in dynamic cities or in the beautiful countryside of Japan and can enroll in degree or short-term programs taught entirely in English.
  • Japanese universities have very competitive tuition fees and various scholarships open to international students.

Studying at a Japanese university will be an unforgettable experience and an excellent way to boost your career prospects!

HOW can you join?

While the EJE is free and open to everyone, registration is required prior to the event. Here is a step-by-step guide to securing your spot in the event!

STEP 1. Register for the event

Register for the online event by filling in the Registration Form here. Upon registration, you will be given a personal account from which you can reserve specific seminars and consultations.

STEP 2. Follow the link sent to your email

Once you submit your registration form, a link to your new account will be sent to your designated email. Click on the link to access your personal account with the list of seminars and universities.

STEP 3. Create your customized schedule

Under the Make Reservations tab, you will find names of organizations and universities with a list of their individual seminars and consultation slots. Ensuring that the sessions don’t overlap, you can start reserving seats in the virtual sessions of your choice!

You can create your own schedule to talk directly with university staff members, embassy representatives, and other knowledgeable professionals!

*Please see【How to register and reserve sessions】 for more details.


Grab your opportunity to communicate directly with your dream university in Japan!

Visit Experience Japan Exhibition and register for the Experience Japan Exhibition 2022 Online TODAY!