University festivals are quite an important part of Japanese university life. Most people consider university festival as the apex of university life. Though university festivals are only a couple of days long, students spend their entire semester preparing for them. University festival is a diverse event with food stalls, dance, concerts, magic shows and many more. University festivals provide each student with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents, pursue their quirky passions and fraternize with your classmates. Thus, participating in the university festival is an important part of immersing in the university life.

todai festival students welcoming people

May Festival and Komaba Festival

The University of Tokyo holds two of the most famous festivals in Japan, May Festival, “Gogatsusai” (五月祭) and Komaba Festival, “Komabasai” (駒場祭). May festival is held in the spring semester in May. It is held in Hongo campus. Since Hongo campus is the main campus comprising of most of the Undergraduate, and Graduate Campuses along with many research facilities, all the students from freshman to the PhD. students participate in this festival. Komaba Festival is held in Komaba campus. Since all the freshman and sophomore students study in Komaba, they are actively involved in this festival. All of the University of Tokyo students look forward to both these festivals and every year these festivals garner a huge crowd.

Tokyo University Festival's Chocolate Banana

Organizing a Stall

University festival plays a pivotal role in developing classroom camaraderie. Every freshman class organizes a stall in the May and Komaba festival. In fact, the planning for the classroom stall starts from the first week of the semester. All students actively participate in organizing the stall for the festival. Some classes prepare Tapioka, some cook beef steak, and some sell sweets. Organizing a stall takes delegation and is quite a demanding task, where responsibilities are challenged. Roles are divided among the classmates and everyone is expected to contribute their part. Working together with other classmates really helps to develop a close bond between classmates and this opportunity is extremely valuable for a freshman as entering a university can be quite overwhelming for most students. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment attained from this experience helps to boost the morale of the entire class.

food stores for todaisai

Being a member of a Club or Circle

University festivals also provide a great escape from the academic life of the university. The diverse circles and clubs in the university provide the students with a great opportunity to unearth their hidden skills and passion and also meet other students who share them. These university festivals are the only time when they can exhibit their talents to such a huge crowd. Students work hard entire semester just to perform in these festivals. You can find musical concert for almost every type of genre in every corner of the university. There are students dancing on the stage every moment. Magic show, stand-up comedy, art exhibition, nothing is out of bounds. There is something for everyone for everyone in these festivals.

University festival tapybucks stall

For most students, university festivals are often the highlight of their university life. University festival can be considered the most attractive aspect of Japanese university life. It is an event to build friendship, display your hidden talents and build some precious memories.