Accommodation for International Students

Living in a foreign country is difficult, and the University of Tsukuba realizes that. To assist its foreign students through this process, the university offers them on-campus accommodation to provide comfort and efficiency! While it is open to all students of the University of Tsukuba, international students are prioritized when room availability is limited. Especially for first-year students, these accommodation options are reassuring when deciding to study in Japan!

With a total of 65 residences and 4,000 rooms, the on-campus accommodation program provides various options for students across the IchinoyaHirasunaOikoshi, and Kasuga Campuses. Read on to discover the specific options and benefits of the on-campus dormitories!


First and foremost, these dormitories are located within the campus. The proximity to classrooms and extracurricular activities makes student life very efficient and easy! Not to mention it eliminates the need for public transportation, which can get quite confusing for new residents!

Contrary to its high quality facilities, the rental costs are reasonably low as well! Since the university pays the basic tariff for your utility costs, students only need to cover the fees for what they use! When compared to other private apartments located in the vicinity of the campuses, these on-campus dormitories are economically friendly options!

Thirdly, the comfort of having “dorm-mates” is a major benefit for incoming students. The cluster of university students in the dormitories allows for new relationships and constant peer support when adapting to the life in Japan. There are also dormitory activities, like the Yadokari Festival held each May for new residents!

Additionally, the security system at the on-campus dormitories are very reassuring. The entrance of each residence hall is equipped with a PIN number security system in order to prevent intrusion. There are also security cameras installed outside the building to track suspicious individuals.

Last, but not least, the facilities and support systems of these dormitories are very impressive! There are multiple options for students to get immediate assistance when figuring out the various aspects of student life.

Facilities and Support Centers

The basic facilities of each room include bedding, heating, internet access, and a hall telephone. The bedding comes with a quilt, mattress pad, sheets, pillow, pillow cover, and quilt cover. For most dormitories, these items can be traded in for new ones every ten days. Internet access and telephones are also free of charge!

The communal facilities of each residence hall are also very accommodating, comprised of a kitchen, laundry room, and showers. The communal kitchen area allows students to prepare simple meals with their gas stove, sink, and water heater. The laundry machines and showers are not free of charge but financially reasonable. The coin laundry machines cost 100 yen per wash, while the showers charge 100 yen per ten minutes.

For joint use student accommodation, there are additional communal facilities to take note of. Depending on the residence hall, there are dining halls, barbershops, book stores, communal baths, convenience stores, and electrical appliance vendors for students to access within the dormitories!

The student support centers are also very accessible and reliable! For instance, there are administrative offices located near each dormitory that conduct day-to-day management of the residencies. The Tsukuba Gakuto Shikin Foundation (T.G.S.F.) has an office located in each of the four campuses that provide on-the-spot support for student residents. For short stay and Global Village residents, the Tsukuba Global Academic Service is located in the vicinity of the dormitories.

Types and Fees

The Standard Single Rooms are approximately 10m squared in size and include a desk, chair, bed, washbasin, and an internal telephone. Costs range from 15,380 yen to 19,410 yen per month, depending on its renovation status and additional facilities. For more space, the Twin-sized Rooms for Single Use are around 30m squared in the area and cost 23,670 yen per month.

There are also Family Use Rooms for students living with partners or children. These options are located solely in the Ichinoya and Kasuga buildings. Sizes range from 30m squared to 53m squared, and the monthly costs vary from approximately 29,000 yen to 33,800 yen accordingly.

For students attending short-term exchange programs at the University of Tsukuba, there are Short Stay Options as well! Prices will vary depending on the length of stay and the renovation status of the dormitory.

On April 1, 2017, the University of Tsukuba commenced the operation of its Global Village, a shared accommodation for both Japanese and international students studying at the university. As a part of the Global Residence Development Project, this type of residency aims to promote internationalization on campus through the daily interaction of Japanese and foreign students. Monthly rent is slightly higher at 35,800 yen, but its access to a 10m squared individual room and a Unit Communal LDK (Living room, dining, room, and kitchen area) makes the fee financially reasonable!

Here is a diagram of the Global Village unit, provided by the University of Tsukuba. To access their residence information pamphlet, click here.

Rules and Guidelines

In order to maintain a comfortable and safe environment, the dormitories asks their residents to uphold certain rules. Some restrictions include failing to pay residence fees for 3 consecutive months without reason, letting non-residents stay in the rooms, and damaging equipment without paying compensation. Depending on the situation, disobedience to these rules can lead to expulsions from the residencies…yikes!

Garbage Disposal System in Japan

The Japanese garbage disposal system is very unique, and the residence halls expect residents to abide by its procedures. Students must sort their garbage by the type of material (paper, combustible, plastic, etc.) and take them out on specified days. For any students wishing to live in Japan in the future, this will be the perfect opportunity to practice this distinctive disposal procedure!

Apply for On-Campus Dormitories!

The dormitories at the University of Tsukuba are undeniably accommodating and suitable for international students! For first-time residents in Japan, these options will provide efficiency and comfort in your introduction to the nation’s unique culture and societal procedures. Application for the dormitories can be done before arrival, and specific documents and guidelines are provided to incoming students along with their university registration materials. The application procedures will vary by the type, size, and location of the dormitory, so having a general idea of your desired residence option will be very helpful!

For more information, you can visit the official website listed in the reference section below! Happy readings!


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