The sight of the mesmerizing blue sea and the sound of waves in Asian Pacific University (APU) campus makes the perfect learning environment for students. After class, you can go and hang out with your friends, or you can head-up to the library for a little more reading. Either way, you will still feel the warmth of APU. Here is an introduction of APU campus and some of the recommended spots for you to hang out with friends!

APU Campus – Where is it?

The campus of Asia Pacific University is located in Beppu City of Oita Prefecture in Japan. Beppu is well-known for its Onsens (温泉) or hot springs. Overlooking the peaceful city of Beppu and the beautiful ocean down below, APU lies hidden away in the mountainside. The campus has 13 major buildings across 416,000m² wide area. There are 12 learning facilities including Gymnasium, Student Union, Millennium Hall and more. Also, AP House – the student dormitory is conveniently located on campus.

There are so many ways you can go to the university – you can even take a ferry from Osaka to APU! Usually, the most popular option is to take the bus from JR Beppu Station, JR Kamegawa Station, Oita Airport or Fukuoka Airport.

The campus map of APU

The Millennium Hall

The Millennium Hall is an on-campus auditorium where many of the APU events are being held. Academic and extracurricular activities, such as club performances, international symposiums and business-case competitions are held here.  You can also watch APU’s famous Multicultural Week Grand Shows here.

APU Millennium Hall

The Media Center

Want to study for your final exams? Alternatively, want to do some art? Then, you should definitely head here. You can find the APU Library, multimedia labs and comfortable development rooms in the Media Center. This building is known to be the information and media hub. Also, the computer-assisted language instruction (CAI) rooms and information processing rooms are here.

APU Media Center


Student life will never be complete without sports – plus, it’s a great way to de-stress.  APU has a gymnasium containing an international standard basketball court, a fitness room, tennis courts, and other sports and fitness related facilities. There is also an outdoor sports grounds too. After a good workout, enjoy a warm shower before heading back out.

APU Gymnasium

AP House

AP House is the on-campus dormitory for international and domestic students. The dorm has 378 shared rooms and 932 single rooms. It is also equipped with 44 communal kitchens, laundry facilities, private shower rooms, Japanese-style public baths, computer rooms, study rooms, a small convenience store, indoor entertainment facilities such as billiards, and outdoor basketball courts. Additionally, AP House provides 24-hour security, bedding rental service and free Wi-Fi in the lobby. All rooms are fully furnished and also have a refrigerator, air conditioning/heating unit and free internet access. The rent is 39,000 JPY(for 2018 applicants) per month including utilities.

AP House Dormitory

“I absolutely loved the fact that our dorm room is close to the campus. It was so convenient and comfortable. ” – Enkhnaran Tovuudorj 18′  APS

Best Spots To Hang Out With Your Friends

In quest of looking for the best places to meet up with your friends at APU campus, we interviewed 4 students from APU.

The Wave Theater – Number one spot!

cr. Enkhnaran Tovuudorj
Enkhnaran at The Wave Theater

“My favorite place is definitely the Wave theater, where you can eat your lunch or study while enjoying the peaceful view of the waves. There are  stone chairs and stairs so there is always a seat for you.” – Enkhnaran Tovuudorj 18′  APS

Amina at The Wave Theater

“Probably I’d say the Wave is my favorite spot. Since our school is basically located on top of the mountain, you can see the whole Beppu City and the views of the Pacific Ocean from here. It’s a great place to spend breaks and take pictures. ” – Amina Erdenebaatar 20′ APS

“Kind of like a concert hall but outside, I just love to relax there while listening to music and eating some snacks! ” – Anu Enkh-Amgalan 21′ APS

“The Wave is an open amphitheater in front of the sea. Sometimes, the grand show of cultural weeks are organized here. Aside from that, it’s a great place to eat and have fun.”  – Iveel Tamir 22′ APM

Little Park behind the Library

Amina at the park

“There is an open space where lots of students like to hang out during break or after class. It’s also a smoking area, but even if you don’t smoke, it’s still a great place to relax and socialize.”

– Iveel Tamir 22′ APM

“I like how our campus has so many picture perfect places that allow us to spend time in fresh air with good company because of the multicultural backgrounds.” – Amina Erdenebaatar 20′ APS

“The atmosphere at the campus is pretty chill, you see people hanging out with friends all the time. I would say everyone is friendly and open-minded.” – Iveel Tamir 22′ APM



Thank you to all the APU students who gave us a valuable insight!