Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is one of the top universities for students aspiring to study engineering in Japan. Tokyo Tech also offers several support services for international students and, as of May 8 2018, 36% of students in doctoral degree program and 17% in master’s degree program in Tokyo Tech are international students, which makes the university environment quite friendly for international students with limited Japanese language ability.

What about the cost? If you are an international student interested to study in Tokyo Tech but concerned about your tuition and living cost, here are some scholarship opportunities Tokyo Tech is ready to offer you.

Government Funded Scholarship

The scholarship provided by Japanese Government, also known as MEXT scholarship, is one of the well-known Japanese scholarships for international students aspiring to study in Japan. This scholarship is available for students from countries with diplomatic relations with Japan. In order to be considered for MEXT scholarship, a prospective student can apply through two ways.

The first way is by applying through the Japanese embassy in the student’s own country and pass the screening test. This method is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. For graduate students, scholarship candidates should obtain a “Letter of Acceptance” from a faculty member of Tokyo Tech who will be the student’s academic supervisor.

The second way is by getting a recommendation from Tokyo Tech. This method is available for Undergraduate (through the GSEP program), research students, or graduate-level students seeking to get a degree (through International Graduate Program (A)).

Students who are accepted for MEXT scholarship will have their application, admission, and tuition fees waived along with the following monthly stipend:

  • Undergraduate students: 120,000 yen/month
  • Graduate-level students:
    • (Non-degree students) Japanese Intensive Course Students and Research Students: 146,000 yen/month
    • (Degree-seeking students)
      • Master’s Program Students: 147,000 yen/month
      • Doctoral Program Students: 148,000 yen/month

Scholarships by Private Foundations

The university may not have its own Tokyo Institute of Technology scholarship, but they do offer other scholarships privately-funded by different foundations for those who are not able to receive MEXT scholarship. Some of these scholarships are available for graduate students prior to their enrollment into Tokyo Tech. Other scholarships can be applied for only after enrollment into Tokyo Tech.

Before Enrollment

As of the time of writing of this article, graduate students who are part of the International Graduate Program (A) can apply for the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students from the Japan Student Services Organization (“JASSO”). This scholarship offers a monthly amount of 48,000 yen/month for six months.

Graduate students who are part of the International Graduate Program (C) can apply for Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Progam (ADB-JSP). A list of the countries eligible for this scholarship can be accessed here. This scholarship will provide full tuition fees, a monthly stipend, an allowance for books and instructional materials, medical insurance, and travel expenses.

Further information on these scholarships can be accessed here.

Student Support Division of Tokyo Tech - students can apply for scholarships here.

After Enrollment

For students who are already accepted and enrolled into Tokyo Tech, there are two types of scholarships available. Both types usually require some level of fluency in Japanese.

The first type is a scholarship which require recommendation from the university. In order to apply for this type of scholarship, students are required to submit an “Application for the Privately Funded Scholarships”, which will be available in either March/April or September/October, to the Student Support Division in ō-okayama campus. A list of Private Scholarship Foundations for this type of scholarship is available at the Tokyo Tech Website.

The second type is a scholarship which does not require a recommendation from the university. A list of Private Scholarship Foundations for this type of scholarship can be accessed on the Tokyo Tech Website. Students can choose the one which they are eligible for and apply with the help of the Student Support Division.

Further information about scholarships in Tokyo Tech can be accessed from their website.

For further inquiries, contact:

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