In 2018, Sophia University introduced their new summer programs which are available for students who are interested in studying Japanese Language and East Asian Studies. This program is separated into two sessions: summer session 1 and summer session 2.

Both sessions are held at Yotsuya campus, one session lasting three weeks. Students can either choose to take one session in either Intensive Japanese Language or East Asian Studies for three weeks or both sessions for a six weeks program.

Japanese Language program

The summer session in the Japanese language is a three-week intensive session that is tailored for students who want to improve their Japanese language abilities. Students will be placed on their respective level of Japanese after taking the Japanese placement test “JCAT” (Japanese Language Competency Test). All applicants except those who never study Japanese before must take the placement test and submit their score along with their application online. Students who forgot to send their Japanese placement test will automatically be placed on the beginner class, and will not be possible to request to move up into a higher-level course.

Participants of Sophia university's summer session program

East Asian Studies Program

The summer session in the East Asian Studies is a three-week academic session which provides the students with an opportunity to study about Japan and explore the country’s relation to Asia and the rest of the world. On this program, students were immersed in a deep Japanese cultural exploration.

 Throughout the program, students also have the chance to practice their skills with native Japanese speakers or experience a different culture through outside-of-class activities. Even though the program is concise, there are many chances to develop a long-lasting friendship not only with Japanese students but also with fellow students from all over the world.

The program provides a safe environment for students to learn and grow together among their peers. 

Participants of Sophia university's summer session program.


Sophia’s university dorm is not available to short-term program participants. Participants of the summer session have a choice on whether to stay at the apartments and hotels that the program provides or arrange your accommodation on your own. Housing provided by the program is a first come first serve basis that it’s highly recommended to sign up at the earliest convenience. 


The program prepares a variety of different cultural event where students can participate and explore the Japanese culture in a fun and exciting optional extracurricular activity.

Some of the events are free while others are discounted, but even though it’s not entirely free, the discounted price should be very cheap and affordable for everyone. The extracurricular activity is not mandatory, and students who chose not to participate are welcome to plan of their own, but it is highly recommended for students to participate in at least one of the activities to deepen the bond with their fellow students.

Planned activities vary from year to year, below are some of the programs from 2018.

Session 1

  • Japanese Drums (Taiko)
  • Yotsuya Tour with Sophia students
  • Kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables) with Sophia students
  • Meiji Shrine Visit
Students participating on making takoyaki.

Session 2

  • Asakusa Tour
  • Takoyaki (Savory octopus ball-shaped cakes) with Sophia students
  • Japanese Drums (Taiko)
  • Meiji Shrine visit
Participants of Sophia university's summer session program visits Senso-ji temple


An applicant must:

  • Be an undergraduate student and currently enrolled in a college/university outside of Japan
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Submit the following documentation to apply for the program.
    1. An Official Academic transcript from the applicant’s home institution.
    2. Grading Scale
    3. 4cm by 3cm color headshot (taken within the last 3 months)
    4. Scanned copy of your current Passport pages showing passport number and face photo
    5. J-CAT score report.

For more information on the application process and dates, please visit the official website link below.