Political scientists and economists have dubbed the 21st century as the “Asian century.” This year, 2020, Asia is set to have the world’s largest GDP, surpassing the total GDP of the rest of the world. With the Asian region also becoming more integrated, Asia is poised to become a powerhouse of the global economy. Tokyo is one of the cities that is at the heart of this globalized reality, making it a perfect place for conducting research the fields of economics and commerce.

Whether you are from within the Asian region or would like to learn more about Asia, these are some of the best universities in Tokyo that are home to a wide variety of graduate schools and institutes focused on these areas of knowledge.

Tokyo International University

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Tokyo International University is a private university in Saitama, Greater Tokyo Area, focusing in business and commerce. The university’s educational philosophy is grounded on “nurturing truly international-minded people,” as suggested by its name. Of the university’s 6,500 students, around 1,200 are international students, coming from over 60 different countries. Tokyo International University’s Graduate School of Economics offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees that students can take in English under what they call the “E-Track Graduate Program.”

  • From Tokyo International University Graduate School of Economics: The Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo International University (GSE-TIU) aims to train creative experts who have the ingenuity to face diverse policy issues from a global perspective. It also focuses on developing basic research skills that enable students to explore policy challenges in the real economy. Students can hone their analytical skills by pursuing a well-rounded variety of courses in a multicultural environment. Through intensive tutorial seminars and joint workshops, students can advance their research to complete an outstanding thesis.

Also under Tokyo International University‘s “E-Track Program” is the Master’s and Doctorate Programs in Digital Business & Innovation.

  • From Tokyo International University’s Graduate School of Business and Commerce: The dramatic changes caused by innovations in technology and the expanding global economy have opened up vast opportunities around the world, especially in emerging countries. Starting with well-rounded foundation courses, the newly developed Master’s Program in Digital Business & Innovation offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to select a variety of courses from areas covering general business, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship that are paramount for building business careers that are in demand today. These “practicums”, a unique element of the program, allow students to get hands-on experience in data analytics or running a business.

Waseda University

Waseda University

Waseda University Graduate School of Economics offer Master’s and Doctorate degrees with a wide range of possible fields of specialization and courses. These include, courses in the areas of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics, Economic History Research, and Global Political Economy. One unique advantage with the program of the Graduate School of Economics in Waseda is that students who demonstrate “outstanding scholastic achievements,” through publication in international peer-reviewed academic journals, are eligible for early graduation. Thus, students can earn both their Master’s and Ph.D degrees in as short as three years.

  • From Waseda University’s Graduate School of Economics: Our students can be confident that the sophisticated expert knowledge and skills in economic data analysis that they learn in our Master’s Program can be put to use immediately upon entry into a wide variety of corporate or research environments. The ability to empirically analyze economic data at a graduate rather than undergraduate level, for example, is becoming increasingly vital in financial institutions, think tanks, and other important sectors of today’s world. Developing a solid theoretical foundation and advanced data analysis skills during our Master’s Program will undoubtedly open up a wide range of career possibilities to graduates.

Meanwhile, Waseda University’s Graduate School of Commerce‘s Master’s Program is only available in Japanese, but the post-graduate program is available both in English and Japanese. Dissertation projects in the following research areas may be conducted in English: Management (i.e. Entrepreneurship and Management of Creativity, Team and Leadership Research, Business and Society, etc.); Marketing and International Business (i.e. Design & Brand Innovation Management, International Trade Theory, Marketing and New Market Creation, etc.); Finance and Insurance; and Accounting. The list of available research advisers for projects conducted in English and their fields of specialization is available here.

  • From Waseda University’s Graduate School of Commerce: The Graduate School of Commerce cultivates human resources who can contribute independently in a globalizing society by instructing them in diverse academic knowledge using the comprehensiveness and traditions of Waseda University. In particular, the graduate school strives for the education of students who will be leaders equipped with broad vision and correct judgment skills by carrying out research and education on the high level, specialist academic theories and application of commerce and related fields.

Soka University

Soka University’s Graduate School of Economics offers a Master’s Program in Economics and Business: International Business Studies. While all courses in the program are in taught in English, the curriculum also includes internship programs in Japan, allowing students to gain a unique perspective.

  • From Soka University’s Graduate School of Economics: The International Business Studies Program (IBSP) of Soka University Graduate School of Economics has launched in the fall semester of 2016 with the philosophy of value creation and the aim of fostering creative global business leaders who have the capability not only to overcome any difficulties but also to bring about innovative changes in the present and future global society.

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies is a stand-alone graduate institute focused focused on public sector policy formulation and management. The institute focuses on global contemporary policy issues, with 20% of the faculty and 70% of students recruited from overseas. The institute offers Master’s and Doctorate Degrees through several international programs. Their Master’s programs include the Young Leaders Program, One-year and Two-year Master’s Program of Public Policy, Macroeconomic Policy Program, Public Finance Program, Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program, and Disaster Management Policy Program. Their Doctoral Programs that are taught in English include the GRIPS Global Governance Program (Ph.D. in Advanced Policy Studies), Policy Analysis (Ph.D. in Public Economies, Ph.D. in Development Economics, Ph.D. in International Economics).

We hope this list has helped you in pursuing further studies in some of the best universities in Japan. This list was compiled based on the latest data released by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) reflecting current information as of May 2019. For a comprehensive list of all the University Degree Courses Offered in English all over Japan, including undergraduate and professional degrees, check this document published by JASSO.