About Hosei University

As the name of the university in Japanese suggests, Hosei University has its origin from a school of law, Tōkyō Hōgakusha (東京法学社, i.e. Tokyo association of law), which was established in 1880. The following year, the school of law was renamed Tōkyō Hōgakkō (東京法学校, i.e. Tokyo school of law). This was from 1883, headed by Dr. Gustave Boissonade, and heavily influenced by the French legal tradition.

Hosei University

English Programs for Undergraduate Level

Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)

Students in the GIS program are trained to develop a multifaceted perspective of the pressing social and economic issues in the world. By adopting different frameworks that encompass many different levels of national and regional points of view, students will be able to analyze and find solutions to creative issues in order to face increasingly complex problems.

As a foundation of the program, students will take courses that help hone their academic writing and speaking skills in English. Students will also have a chance to engage in active and lively debates and discussions early on in their undergraduate studies. 

  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Academic Writing Skills I and II
  • Reading Skills I and II
  • English Test Preparation

Then, students will take 100 and 200-level courses to gain foundational knowledge in a number of fields, ranging from social sciences, anthropology to economics based on their own interests. Some courses here include Race, Class, and Gender: Concepts and Issues, Social Psychology, Principles of Marketing, etc.

Hosei students in an English-taught program

For 300-level classes and 400-level seminars, students will take specialized courses that allow them to focus on a particular issue, using the analytical thinking skills that they acquire in the first few years of their undergraduate studies. Seminar classes are a particularly valuable academic experience as these classes help maximize understanding of its field of study and offer students ample opportunities to conduct individual research and project work under the instructor’s close supervision.

Further details about GIS Hosei Admission, you can visit GIS|Admissions Guideline

Sustainability Co-creation Programme, SCOPE

Sustainability Co-creation Programme, SCOPE, is a degree program offered in English in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University. The program aims at training the new generation of human capital that is a combination of global and local, called “glocal”.

In the core courses of the SCOPE program, SCOPE offers well balanced, wide-ranging core courses from the humanities, economics, sociology, anthropology to natural science, astronomy, ecology, and natural resources so that students can be fully aware of the challenges in social and environmental issues that we are facing. Then, students will take classes from the Ichigaya Liberal Arts Center (ILAC) in which students will gain valuable academic skills such as evaluative and critical thinking, coherent oral and written communication, critical and reflective reading, foreign language, and cross-cultural knowledge, information literacy, ethical decision-making, etc.

In order to respond to the need of future global leaders who are capable of contributing to sustainable development in the future, Hosei University established an open program for specialized courses taught in English. Thanks to the university-wide nature of the program, students will have a chance to interact with Japanese classmates from all other faculties, which will help them immerse in different aspects of Japanese society as well as adopt intercultural communication skills. Classes in the SCOPE program are a blend of aspects such as Japan & Sustainability, Humanities, Environment & Society, etc.

SCOPE offers different opportunities for study such as seminars, field workshops, and co-creative workshop courses. Under the guidance of professors in close-knit seminars and practical field studies with the interaction of stakeholders in reality, students will learn to understand issues related to sustainable development in depth, which will help them create solutions in response to such issues.

For information about the admission of SCOPE program, you can visit SCOPE HOSEI Admissions.

IGESS (Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences) 

Founded in 2018 as a part of the Faculty of Economics at Hosei University, IGESS offers small-sized English-taught classes for international students. The academic trajectory is well-crafted, and the annual quota of the program is limited to 20 students. 

Students will spend the first three semesters at the Ichigaya Campus in central Tokyo attending the First Year Seminar, Japanese, Academic Skills, and Liberal Arts classes. Then, they will get to spend the following five semesters on the beautiful, spacious Tama Campus in suburban Tokyo. In the latter years of their undergraduate studies, students will be able to take subjects offered by the Faculty of Economics as well as other faculties (including Social Sciences, Social Policy and Administration, and Sports and Health Studies).

Students will get to develop a foundational knowledge of economics from the start as they study Economics from the first semester. Starting from the fourth semester in their second year, IGESS students can already attend specialized courses. These high-level courses, such as Economic Theory and Applications, Applied Global Economics and Global Business, and Business English and Communication, will help students understand the subject of economics more in-depth. 

Regarding the training of Japanese proficiency, students will take basic Japanese lessons at the Ichigaya Campus. When they have mastered basic Japanese, they can progress to many advanced lectures at the Tama Campus to improve their Japanese skills. They even get to practice the usage of Japanese in the classroom setting. Students will get to study with Japanese students in both English-spoken courses and Japanese seminars.

One attractive feature of the program is that students can join international internships and international volunteer programs, both are paid, offered by Hosei University and earn academic credits that are counted towards their graduation. 

For further information about the admission of IGESS program, you can visit IGESS Hosei Admissions Guideline


After the establishment of the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) in 2018 which offers students a chance to obtain bachelor degrees in the liberal arts taught completely in English, the university has constantly improved its position in English teaching in Japan. These multifaceted programs in the dynamic campus of Tokyo are expected to produce more and more generations of students who are capable of facing the changing problems of globalization in our modern world.