Campus Life

Osaka being the third largest metropolis in Japan, just below Tokyo and Yokohama, makes it a trendy place for international students to come and study. Osaka University (OU) is located in the northern portion of Osaka Prefecture and has three beautiful campuses in the cities of Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh. These cities are relatively close to one another that you could even visit all the three locations within a day.  What makes it convenient is, they are only a few minutes away from each other by a bus, making your visit fast, efficient, and inexpensive. OU also has free shuttle bus service that links the three campus. This shuttle service is available to all OU students.

The distance and time to get from each campus are below:

  • Suita – Toyonaka: 30 minutes
  • Toyonaka – Minoh: 40 minutes
  • Minoh – Suita: 15 minutes

Three Campuses

Toyonaka Campus

The main campus is Toyonaka campus, which is where all undergraduates spend most of their time finishing their general education at the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Toyonaka campus might not be the biggest among the three, but its location makes it very convenient for the students. The station is close by, and it doesn’t lack any shopping areas and places to eat where people could spend their time with their friends. If you are considering applying into liberal arts, this campus is where you would probably spend most of your time because most of the liberal arts classes are on this campus.

Suita Campus

Suita Campus is the biggest of the three. On the way to the university, a street lined with cherry blossoms creates a beautiful and serene scenery that creates the perfect environment for learning. All three campuses are located in a quiet and safe neighborhood so that students can study and learn peacefully. Aside from the Administration Bureau and the two university hospitals, Osaka University Hospital, and Osaka University Dental, a lot of major university-industry joint projects are on this campus.

Minoh Campus

Minoh Campus is home to the School of Foreign Studies. The surrounding around the campus is full of greenery which produces an atmosphere that is a suitable environment for studying. The students can study language and culture while immersing themselves in the beautiful background. 

Osaka University, students working in lab and on campus

Campus Stores, Cafeterias, & Barbershop

Osaka University is as impressive as its reputation, and each campus has their establishments and stores inside the school.

Establishments and stores such as:

  • Pork Cutlet
  • Curry restaurants
  • Libre
  • Cafeterias – Cartier, La Foret & Kasane
  • Bakery
  • Campus Kitchen
  • Museum Café

The unique part about Osaka University that most universities don’t have is that they have a barbershop inside the campus. Students are able to just come and get their hair cut anytime they want. It’s convenient especially for students who are too busy and having troubles setting up an appointment with the regular salon.