As a private university, Keio University offers a variety of scholarships available for both international and Japanese students.  International students may want to consider the multitude of scholarship opportunities available in addition to the already well-known JASSO and MEXT scholarships.  In this article, we will introduce a number of scholarships that international students can apply for as well as sources of information once they become a part of Keio University.

Different kinds of Scholarships Available

When applying for scholarships, there is a large amount of information on what scholarships are available.  Not only are there scholarships from the Japanese government, there are also many scholarships being offered by private institutions and organizations.  Scholarships offered by private institutions tend to cover not specifically for just Keio but also other universities as well. They tend to be separated by the level of study as well as the field of study.

In the meantime, there are also scholarships available specifically for students proceeding to the second year and beyond, and are applicable across all campuses.  These scholarships are announced after the admissions time period is over and tend to be offered in the Spring semester.

Scholarships offered for International students in SFC

Roads proceeding to SFC in Fall. Taken by Nuey

There are several scholarships especially aimed at students entering the GIGA Program at Shonan Fujisawa Campus.  All international students entering the program can be eligible and the scholarship applicability is automatic as you apply for the GIGA program, and successful applicants will be notified by email along their application process.  The number is very limited, but growing year by year. The application deadline for the scholarships is said to be the time of application for the GIGA Program. As of 2022, there are three main scholarships specifically for International GIGA students. As of note, those of Japanese nationality are not eligible for these programs:

Mentor Mitakai Scholarship for International Students

Amount awarded:

  • Admission Fee & Academic Fees for one year (2023 Fall and 2024 Spring Semester)
  • Supplemental financial aid for living costs may also be provided


  • Up to four years (annual review)


MASATADA KOBAYASHI Scholarship for International Students

Amount Awarded:

  • JYP 1,000,000 per year


  • Up to 4 years


MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 

Amount Awarded:

  • Application and Admission Fees, Academic year from 2022 Fall to 2023 Spring
  • Monthly living cost of 117,000 JPY
  • Traveling costs


  • Up to four years under annual review


Excluding MEXT, these private scholarships are not only aimed at providing financial support, but also establishing a community between existing students and the scholarship providers.  Through annual meetings and gatherings, you will get an opportunity to talk with fellow successful applicants, upperclassmen, and also Keio alumni who can give you useful advice and opportunities in Japan.

This is the link to the website for the specific details about scholarships offered for GIGA students:

Scholarships offered to International students in Hiyoshi (PEARL Programme)

Unlike the GIGA Program offered in SFC, scholarships for applicants in Hiyoshi through the PEARL program are notified throughout the application process as the applicants are accepted to the program.

The road uphill towards Hiyoshi's main building in summer, Keio University (Hiyoshi Campus). Taken by Nuey.

Scholarships Offered After University Entry

Once you become a member of Keio University, further scholarship opportunities are provided on internal websites, and on the notice boards in the main office buildings. Orientation and information sessions regarding scholarships will also be held shortly after your entry. Further details can also be asked directly with the academic affairs office at each campus. It is important to note, however, that the eligibility for scholarship applications differs depending on your status. This ranges from your nationality, to whether you are being privately financed, to your education level (undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. level). It is advised that you check the website for details from October until mid-November as that is when the information is constantly updated.

Here is the link for supplementary information for scholarships available for international students:

Here is the link for scholarships available for Japanese students:

Searching for scholarships might seem like an overwhelming process as there is an immense amount of information available to you on the internet.  However, it is advised to follow step-by-step, with the information that would be provided to you by the university as they send you out information booklets throughout your application process.  When things become confusing, having a checklist of all the documents required, and marking the application deadlines will help you manage your time to get all the required documents ready on time.  Contact the office directly and they will be able to provide you with the specific links and document files that will help smoothen your application process.

Good luck with your journey!