This article will share everything you need to know about WISH (Waseda International Student House), which is one of the exciting Waseda dorms for new students. WISH offers an open international environment for new incoming students who want to kickstart their university life in Japan! You can meet new friends, discover Japan and its culture, and much more. In other words, WISH is the perfect dorm for international students!

Start Your Uni Life at WISH!

Congratulations! You must be excited to start a new life at Waseda University!

If you are looking for a dorm for Waseda Students, you are at the right place! This article will introduce the Waseda dorm, WISH (Waseda International Student House), which is one of the many new student dorms offered by Waseda University.

Your Dream Dorm!

WISH is a Waseda dorm for freshman students from across Japan and the world. Over 800 students reside at this dorm, creating a rich and diverse student community!

(The dorm information introduced in the article is referred to the Waseda University Residence Life Center page)

If you already know the basic information on WISH, scroll down to see the Q&A section where you may find specific answers you are looking for!

A New Place to Call Home!

The dorm has a contract period of 1.5 years (for September admissions) and 2 years (for April admissions). Although you can only spend a few years at this dorm, it can be an encouraging start to your Waseda student life!

The monthly dorm fee is 53,000 yen including utility fees. However, there are initial costs and insurance fees that will add to the final cost. For more detailed cost calculations, please visit the Waseda International Student House home page.

A Kitchen With a View!

This dorm does not provide meals, however, you will have access to a shared floor kitchen where you can make your own food and brush up on your cooking skills! The kitchen is also the perfect place to communicate with other students and make new friends! Not to mention the view!

A beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the 10th floor shared kitchen!

Everything in One Dorm: A Look Inside the Facilities!

The WISH dorm is an 11-floor building, with the main entrance and front desk on the 1st floor, the lounge lobby on the 2nd floor, and the dorm rooms from the 3rd floor to the 11th floor.

The most popular facilities offered at WISH include the fitness room, the music rooms, the multipurpose rooms, and the Japanese-style public bathhouse! During my stay at WISH, I often played table tennis with my friends in the fitness room, and practiced playing the flute in the music room!

Have a closer look at WISH facilities and take a WISH dorm tour here!

This video is only available in Japanese, but you can learn about all of the different facilities available at WISH!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About WISH!

Do you have specific questions that you still can’t find answers to?
I summarized other most frequently asked questions and answers into three themes!

Let’s find out more about the WISH dorm community, the dorm rooms, the dorm facilities, and accessibility!

The Dorm Community

Q: Can I apply to WISH as a foreigner? What is the dorm environment like for international students?

A: Yes, all international and Japanese first-year students can apply to WISH! The dorm environment is very friendly for international students; you can receive English support for many aspects of Japanese dorm life! You can also make many Japanese and international friends through fun dorm events and activities!

Q: How are my roommates decided? Will I be placed with Japanese students or international students?

A: Four roommates (sometimes three) are decided by the dorm per room unit, however, students are usually placed with both Japanese and international students!

Q: I don’t speak Japanese. Are there English-speaking persons I can turn to when I have a problem?

A: Don’t worry! WISH dorm has a very open international environment, so you can always find RAs (Residence Assistants) and residents who can speak English and can help guide and support you during your stay at WISH. Each dorm floor also has a team of RAs who are there to support students on different aspects of dorm life and make sure every student has the best dorm experience!

The Dorm Rooms

Q: How much storage space is there?

A: In the dorm unit, the available storage spaces include the shoe cabinet, coat rack, sink cabinet, and drawers, however, some students may realize that there is not enough hanging space for clothes! If you have a lot of clothes, I recommend buying a small clothing rack to put up inside your room. It does make your room smaller, but if you have a lot of clothes, it’s the best solution! You can also store your suitcase under the bed so you have enough space to make some additional touches to your room!

Still unsure about how the dorm room looks? Take a closer look inside the dorm room through a first-year Waseda student’s WISH Dorm Room Tour!

Q: Do you have to bring your own bedding?

A: Bedding can be rented from the dorm! There are designated days for bedding laundry so it is a very helpful service!

Q: What is the laundry situation?

A: You can wash and dry your laundry for 100 yen each! There is a wall-mounted clothing line in your room to dry your clothes as well!

Q: What additional items do you recommend for the dorm room?

A: As a past resident, I would recommend you bring an electric kettle that you can store above your fridge, a water filter bottle to store in your fridge as drinking water, some storage boxes to organize the shelves, and a basket or bag to carry your food supplies to and fro from your room and the kitchen!

The Dorm Facilities and Accessibility

Q: What kitchen utilities are provided for and what extra kitchen essentials should I bring with me?

A: The shared kitchen includes microwaves, toasters, ovens, and IH stoves that you can use for cooking. However, you will need to buy your own electric kettle, IH-compatible cookware, a rice cooker (if you eat rice), and basic kitchen utensils!

Q: How are mail and packages received at the dorm?

A: All mail and packages are automatically received by the dorm so you don’t have to worry about being home when they arrive!

Mails and packages are received in mailboxes on the first floor. Larger packages may be received by the dorm reception on the second floor. (Every time you swipe your key card at the entrance, it will let you know when and where your packages are stored!)

Q: What is the Nakano City environment like around the dorm?

A: The WISH dorm is located near Nakano Central Park which is popular with families and children. Just across from WISH is the Teikyo Heisei University and Meiji University, so the area is also student-friendly! Nakano City also holds several festivals each year, so you can experience Japanese festival culture right at your doorsteps!

Q: How accessible is the dorm?

A: The dorm is roughly a 3min walk from Nakano Central Park, 7min walk from the closest grocery and the Nakano Broadway Shopping Arcade, and a 10min walk from the Nakano Station (Tozai and JR lines)! From Nakano Station, it is only a 6min train ride to Shinjuku!