The importance of science and technology in our lives as well as in global development has been increasing significantly day by day. With a passion for innovation, Tokyo University of Technology (the official abbreviated name is Tokyo Tech) aspires for a modern and innovative campus environment. During the sakura (桜) or cherry blossom season, the campus area is known to be mesmerizingly beautiful.

Location and Access

There are 3 Tokyo Tech campuses around Tokyo, each specializing in its own respective fields.

Ookayama Campus

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Ookayama Campus is home to most of the Institute’s undergraduate students. It is a 1-minute walk from Ookayama station, accessible on Meguro Line and Oimachi Line. From Tokyo Station, it is 30 minutes by train to campus.

Tokyo tech

Suzukakedai Campus

Located on the border of Tokyo and Yokohama, it houses many of the Institute’s Research Centers, Laboratories, and Units. It is a 5-minute walk from Suzukakedai Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line, and it takes approximately 70 minutes from Tokyo Station,

Tokyo Tech

Tamachi Campus

Home to the Campus Innovation Center, Tamachi Campus is the Institute’s innovation hub. Situated in a prime location in central Tokyo, it is also home to Tokyo Tech’s affiliated high school. Tamachi Campus is a 2-minute walk from Tamachi Station on the JR Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku Lines. From Tokyo Station, it is 10 minutes by train to campus.

Tokyo Tech
Tamachi Campus

Facilities on Campus

Museum and Centennial Hall building

Built in 1987, the Centennial Hall was praised for its unique design as it emerged from behind the wooden house of Ookayama Station. Later, the building was renovated. Today, visitors and students are greeted by a visually striking triangular, glass-paned building is affectionately known as the “cheesecake.” Centennial Hall is not only a symbol of Tokyo Tech but also of Ookayama.

Tokyo Tech
Tokyo Tech’s Museum and Archives is housed in the Centennial Hall building

Institute Library

When you need a comfortable place to study, the Institute Library is where you should head to. Built in 2011, it is located on two major traffic arteries of the Ookayama Campus and surrounded by greenery. The glass pan allows an abundant amount of sunlight. The total floor space of the Ookayama Library is approximately 8,600 m2.

Tokyo Tech
Group Study space on the second floor
Tokyo Tech
Open stacks reading room in the second level basement

Environmental Energy Innovation Building

Designed to confront the global warming issue, the Environmental Energy Innovation (EEI) Building is nearly self-sufficient at producing the electricity it consumes and has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60%. About 4,570 solar panels cover the building’s south, west, and top surfaces, generating approximately 650 kW. Also, the EEI Building has Fuel Cell Power Generation System with Waste Heat Utilization, Geothermal Heat Pump: Radiant Cooling/Heating System and Automatic Control of Fan Filter Units in the Cleanroom. The Building is earthquake resistant.

Tokyo Tech
The Environmental Energy Innovation Building

Registered Tangible Cultural Properties

In July 2013, three buildings on the Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus were granted the status of Registered Tangible Cultural Properties by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. In today’s rapidly developing world, preserving cultural valuables has become a top priority. The West Building 1 (Chemical Analysis Laboratory) completed in 1931 and the Main Building completed in 1934 and The 70th Anniversary Auditorium was completed in the late 1950s. The materials, structures, and designs are valuable as examples of postwar and modern architecture of the early to middle Showa period.

Tokyo Yech

Tokyo Tech
West Building 1
Tokyo Tech
70th Anniversary Building

Peripatos Open Gallery

Located at the Suzukakedai Campus, The Peripatos Open Gallery has two exhibition areas: an indoor display area for paintings and an outdoor area for sculptures. All works are creations by students and graduates of Joshibi University of Art and Design, which works together with Tokyo Tech to extend the academic reach of both institutions.

Tokyo Tech
Kiss to twinkle by Mitsuki Watanabe

Good spots on campus

Mount Fuji viewing spot

Recognized as one of the 100 spots in Kanto prefecture where you can appreciate beautiful views of Mount Fuji, the overpass in front of the Healthcare Center is a great place to relax and rewind from the day.

Tokyo Tech
Mount Fuji

Wood Decking in front of the Main Building

You can enjoy the golden leaves in autumn, fresh green scenery in summer, snow coated trees in winter and cherry blossoms in spring here.

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