Don’t know how to find the right Japanese university with undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs offered in English? Well, you’re in luck! This article will help you find your perfect list of Japanese universities that offer degree programs in English! Let’s find your future university today!

Your Research So Far!

During your research, you may have read through these kinds of articles: “Top 10 Japanese Universities with English Programs” or “5 Best Japanese Universities for International Students”.

But you may have also wondered, is that it? Are there more universities that I can go to?

Well, don’t feel disappointed!

Let’s Find Your Future University!

To find the best universities and programs, you will have to go through mountains of lists. But don’t feel discouraged because it will all be worth it in the end!

What is JASSO?

JASSO stands for the Japan Student Services Organization. JASSO is well-known for providing student support programs and scholarships for both international and Japanese students! For more background information about JASSO and their work, visit the JASSO Website.)

Without further ado, this article will show you step by step how to find your list of universities and English programs using the materials offered by JASSO. Follow along to find out more!

Let’s discover your list of universities and English programs!

In order to find JASSO’s list of Japanese university degree courses offered in English, you will have to take the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the JASSO Website
Step 2: Under “Topics”, select “Study in JAPAN
Step 3: Under “Menu by type of user”, go to “For those who wish to study in Japan
Step 4: Under “Planning studies in Japan”, choose “Search school” and then select your choice of school. For our example today, we will select “Graduate schools, universities and junior colleges
Step 5: You have finally reached the “Graduate schools, universities, and junior colleges” page of the excel list of “University Degree Courses Offered in English” and the “How to use” explanation for the list.
Step 6: Now, you have the downloaded list!

*You can now notice that there are so much information and steps until you find the list! So, if you want to skip the steps, click the link on Step 4: “Graduate schools, universities and junior colleges, go to “University Degree Courses Offered in English” and find the excel file “English Degree Courses (Bachelor, Master & Doctor)” for the list!

**Your navigation steps so far would be:
JASSO HOME > Study in JAPAN > For those who wish to study in Japan > Search School > Graduate schools, universities and junior colleges > Excel File “English Degree Courses (Bachelor, Master & Doctor)”

***The Excel file with the degree program lists also has links to the university homepage for each course.

Make the most of the list!

You must be overwhelmed by the number of Japanese Degree programs offered in English! Well, this list includes Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. So now, what type of English-taught degree courses are you looking for?

In the Excel file, you can filter your searches by:

  • Major Fields of Study
  • University Name and Type
  • Course Name
  • Type of Degree
  • Month the Course Begins
  • Medium of Instruction
  • Pre-Arrival Admission

So, you can narrow down your search to your preferences!

Personal Experience Finding An English-taught Degree Program Using JASSO

I personally know the difficulty and struggle of finding a Japanese university that offers English-taught degree programs. So, when I found the list on JASSO, I was overjoyed!

Here, I would like to show you how I used the JASSO list as a high schooler to find the bachelor’s degree programs and universities I was looking for!

Narrow down your search!

In my case, I firstly narrowed down the search by filtering the type of degree to “Bachelor” and medium of instruction to just “English”. Then I chose the field of study to “Engineering”! After this filtered search, I was left with 22 bachelor engineering courses taught in English!

From here, I visited each university homepage through the links placed under the course name in the excel file.

After researching in one field, you can always go back and explore other fields and courses. You might discover interesting and different areas of study you did not know about before!

Narrow down your search, but don’t forget to go through the list with an open mind!

Always check the admission requirements!

When doing further research, it is important to check carefully the admission requirements and eligibility for each course.

So, after narrowing down your search in the JASSO list, jump to each university course homepage, find the course admission page, and check the admission requirements and eligibility for your course!

Even for courses in the same fields, the admission requirements may differ greatly in each university.

Important for students with Japanese citizenship!
Some English-taught degree programs do not accept students with Japanese citizenship, even dual citizenship.

Find your ideal university and degree program today!

Can I study in Japan in English? How many Japanese universities offer English-taught programs? Is there any list of university degree programs? Which universities and courses do I have full eligibility for?

On your road to finding your ideal university and degree program, you may have asked yourself these questions. Today, you learned that you can study in Japan and that there is a list of all English degree courses offered in Japanese universities! With this huge list, you can filter and narrow down the search and discover so many universities and courses you can apply to!

Although this whole process may be complicated and a lot of hard work, keep up your spirits! Your exciting journey has already started!