About SILS

Source: www.waseda.jp/fire/sils/en/

The Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) was founded in 2004 to supports students who can lead the new trend of ‘Interdisciplinary approach’ and ‘Globalization’. As mentioned, SILS program at Waseda University chase the global trend of interdisciplinary research by providing a wide range of liberal arts subjects. This trains students to think outside the box without fixing on the old paradigm. Students of SILS are from more than 50 different nations. Cross-cultural communication is therefore an everyday experience in SILS. This multicultural environment of SILS also provides opportunities to develop their language proficiency, logical thinking skills and creativity.

SILS has unique curriculum, which makes students independently choose courses in seven thematic clusters. These are:

SILS Curriculum

This curriculum is organized by semester, starting in the spring and fall ranging from introductory to advanced courses. From this curriculum, students are able to acquire a broad perspective while steadily developing their specialization.

Language programs

Since all courses of SILS are conducted in English, both non-Japanese and native Japanese students can collaborate with each other. As a part of the model curriculum, SP2 (Non-Japanese) SILS students need to get 24 credits in Japanese language-courses. Therefore non-Japanese students have opportunities to develop their Japanese language skills while studying in SILS. In addition, apart from Japanese, students can select 22 different languages for the third language requirement and earn credits.

Study abroad

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Students who wish to expand their knowledge experience can apply for various study abroad programs in SILS. The period of study range from one semester to one-year programs. The Waseda University has academic exchange agreements including both university and departmental level with 616 universities and institutions in 84 countries (as of Feb 2016). All SILS students can choose from a list of these partner universities and institution for their study abroad plan. The center of international education (CIE) provides further consultations and opportunities about this. Also, there are bilateral study abroad programs that only SILS students are eligible to apply.