Why Study at a Business School in Japan?

Studying Business and Commerce at university means that students will be exposed to a variety of different business concentrations such as economics, management, marketing, finance, human resources, and accounting. This area of study can give students a strong base understanding of very practical business skills. These skills will help students achieve success in the professional business world.

Japan has become a meta-center for the world of international business. With that international acclaim comes world-class university institutions, where students can study the ever-adapting field of Business and Commerce. At these highly-ranked universities, students are prepared to enter a career geared towards Business studies. Here are the five best business schools to study in Japan

1. Meiji University

Meiji University was established in 1881, and the Meiji Business School was founded in 1901. The Meiji Business School was established in order to give students to a strong background of business, economics, and financial knowledge they would need to succeed in the working world.

The main course subjects that make up the curriculum of the Meiji Business School are as followed: applied economics, global business, accounting, marketing, finance and insurance, management, and creative business. Students take classes in these course subjects throughout their time enrolled in the Meiji Business School. To learn more about the curriculum for students studying commerce at Meiji university, click here.

The Meiji Business School also sets itself apart because of its unique language course requirements for its students. In the first two years of university, students enrolled in the Meiji Business School are assessed on their English abilities and then put into corresponding classes. In the last two years of a student’s university career, students are meant to take classes in another language of study to further their foreign language knowledge.

To learn about a scholarship opportunity for those wishing to study at Meiji University, be sure to check out this article.

Study Commerce at Meiji University
Students gathered in front of Meiji University.

2. Hitotsubashi University

Hitotsubashi University was founded in 1875 where it originally operated as the Commercial Training School. Since 1949 however, Hitotsubashi has been a full four-year university. The university hosts a variety of different schools within the university, including the Hitotsubashi University Business School, also known as HUB. Within HUB, there is the Faculty of Commerce and Management.

The university describes the Faculty of Commerce and Management as “the applied social science of business and markets.” The curriculum of this faculty is focused on fields like accounting, marketing, management, and finance. There are three core principles in this Faculty’s objectives to teach students about commerce. The first principle is that semester classes are done in small-group formations. The second is that the courses are taught in a specific order so that they build off of one another. The last principle is that the education will also focus in on important life skills needed to succeed in the workplace, such as communication skill. To learn more about the Hitotsubashi University Business School’s Faculty of Commerce and Management, click here.

Study commerce at Hitotsubashi University
The main building of Hitotsubashi University

3 Waseda University

Waseda University is a highly ranked university in Japan. The university boasts an impressive number of notable alumni, including seven prime ministers. Within the university, there is the Waseda Business School. The Waseda Business School was founded in 1904, and its goal is to create feature business leaders who will go onto be big players in Japan, or anywhere else in the world.

The curriculum for the Business School at Waseda University involves taking a variety of business classes. Also, the school is very unique in the way that it requires students to choose a track within the Business School. Students can choose from the following tracks: management, accounting, marketing, and international business, finance, and insurance, economics, or industry. The tracks are meant to allow for students to become experts in their field of study before even leaving the university. To learn more about the tracks and the curriculum at Waseda University, click here.

Study commerce at Waseda University
Waseda University’s Business School

4. Keio University

Keio University was founded in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, whose philosophy about education has been held up within the university to this day. He believed that education needed to “always strive for progress and enlightenment, and provide the academic and moral education needed to create a generation of wise and capable leaders.” From these ideals, Keio University’s Faculty of Business and Commerce was formed.

Within the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University, there is the Graduate School of Business and Commerce. The graduate program is divided into a Master’s program which is two years long, and a Doctoral program which is three years long. Within the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, both students enrolled in the Master’s program or the Doctoral program can choose either commerce or management & accounting as their field of study. The graduate program is known as being flexible for students, as they can tailor their curriculum to the course that they want to learn about. To learn more about the programs within the Faculty of Business and Commerce, click here.

Study commerce at Keio University
Keio University’s Graduate School of Business and Commerce

5. Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University was founded in 1874. The university originally functioned as a school for teaching English and Bible studies. Today, Rikkyo University is a four-year university with many areas of study. The university’s large student body is made up of over 20,000 students. The university also has around 1,000 current admitted international students studying there.

Among the schools within Rikkyo University, there is the Department of Business. Within the school itself, Rikkyo University “has been known for its tradition of both commerce study and liberal arts education for over 100 years.” The Department of Business follows this tradition with its well-rounded curriculum. Students can expect to learn about subjects such as economics, sociology, psychology, information science, and statistics. Students leave Rikkyo University with a strong base of knowledge on these subjects and can be expected to be successful after leaving the university. To learn more about Rikkyo University’s Department of Business, click here.

Study commerce at Rikkyo University
The main building at Rikkyo University








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