Tokyo University of Science (TUS) is a new institution centered on the science department of science and technology while also holding the history of being the oldest private school that conducts science education in Japan. TUS ideal and its most important objective are to educate people so that they could contribute to the development and welfare of humankind. With its continuous contribution to Japan’s growth has made TUS as one of Japan’s most progressive university. Multiple campuses can be found at the heart of the Tokyo Metropolitan area along with its other campus located in Hokkaido. Each campus offers unique qualities that provide the students with the best learning environment and maximize the student’s educational experiences.

Kagurazaka Campus

Kagurazaka campus main building

The Kagurazaka campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, making transportation very convenient and providing students easy access to the facilities on campus. Kagurazaka is a lovely and peaceful town close to Iidabashi Station in Tokyo. The town is filled with many restaurants and cafes where students frequently go and spend their time studying or hanging out with their friends. Aside from its ideal location, there are opportunities to experience working with professionals on campus, which is an additional attraction. There are collaborations amongst government, business and academic organizations as well as start-up companies where students are able to gain knowledge through experience outside the classroom.

Katsushika Campus

Katsushika campus structure

Compare to Kagurazaka, Katsushika is located in the northeast of Tokyo. Even though its location is not central, there are parks, waterfronts, gardens, museum, historic sites – many beautiful places around the neighborhood.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, “Tokyo Sky Tree” – the new famous attraction in Japan is just close by. The best part of this campus is that it’s still fairly new. The campus is very spacious, and surprisingly Tokyo University of Science have the plan to use its space to build an “academic park.” This academic park is has a library, gymnasium, café, convention center, and other facilities.

Noda Campus

Noda campus's beautiful scenery surrounded with greenery.

The Noda campus is located in the northwest of Chiba Prefecture where it’s surrounded by beautiful nature, filled with greenery and rivers. There are historical maidens, ruins, shrines, and temples where you could go and enjoy on your days off. The Noda campus features an open layout where it’s exposed to nature. It’s a quiet and pleasant environment that don’t lack research facilities continues to develop as a research park. This campus is the ideal learning environment for anyone who loves to bask in nature and enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere – a perfect place for focusing on your research.

Hokkaido Oshamambe Campus

Oshamambe peaceful campus in hokkaido

Compare to the other three campuses, Oshamambe is not located in Tokyo. The Oshamambe campus is situated close to Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido. If you like cold weather, then this campus is probably the best option for you. Hokkaido is known to experience heavy snow and has an average temperature below zero degrees Celsius in winter. Not to worry as the well known hot springs will keep you warm as a bonus to this location, not so far from the station. The educational system at Oshamambe has been adopted as the current Good Practice by the Japan Ministry of Education. This system is not only geared towards academics but also to develop flexibility and sensitivity through a variety of experiences which helps them grow and learn more.

Tokyo University of Science is a historically rich and sophisticated university that continues to remain a prestigious institution. It’s beautiful campuses, and its facilities have their unique qualities which provide the students with the necessary resources they need to excel in their fields of study. This university is open for anyone to visit and are waiting for you!