Japan is famous for its research and development in the field of engineering and technology. The advancement of a nation in terms of technology can be contributed to the research performed in its universities. Japan sports a ton of opportunities for scientific research and innovations in its universities. International students and researchers are often found to be having grants or scholarships, if their research is good. It is very difficult to judge the best scholarships. There are several parameters for deciding the best scholarships. In this article, I have given the biggest preference to reputation. The second point of preference went to the total value of the award. So here are the top 3 scholarships for engineering in Japan.

JSPS Fellowship

JSPS Fellowship is the most prestigious fellowship grant for researchers pursuing doctoral or post-doctoral research work. JSPS Fellowship is awarded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) was established with an imperial endowment in 1932. Its mission is advancement of science and technology, which it undertakes through a wide spectrum of programs. These include funding scientific research, fostering talented researchers, promoting science-related international exchange, and supporting the reform and globalization of universities. The best part of JSPS Fellowship is that it provides research grant, in addition to the monthly stipend. It offers 200,000 JPY/month as stipend and up to 1.5 million JPY/year as research grant in the doctoral level. In Post-Doctoral level, applicants can receive as much as 446,000 JPY/month as stipend and up to 3 million JPY/year as research grant. JSPS Fellowship is not exclusive to engineering research. But the reason I selected this scholarship as one of the top scholarships for engineering is that the recipients of this scholarships are highly respected in the field of engineering. They also have the chance to make very good contacts in the industry. So, it becomes very easy to join the R&D departments of big companies after their university life.

MEXT Scholarship

MEXT Scholarship is very prestigious scholarship for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral course students. This scholarship is offered by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology under the Government of Japan. This scholarship is offered to the outstanding international students who choose Japan as their study destination. At undergraduate level, it offers 117,000 JPY-119,000 JPY per month whereas in Graduate level, it offers 144,000 JPY-147,000 JPY per month. The tuition fees are waived, and the scholarship recipient also receives a round trip airfare to Japan. The scholarship spans for the entire duration of the course of study. MEXT Scholarship is not exclusive to engineering course as well. But I selected it as one of the top scholarships for engineering is due to the high reputation of the scholarship in the field of engineering. Also, the fact that the scholarship is given prior to admission and it lasts throughout the entire course of study is a very important reason why I prefer this scholarship so much. Once you have received MEXT Scholarship, you don’t have to worry about the finances even for once during your studies. This enables you to concentrate fully on your research and studies.

Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation General Scholarship

This scholarship has made into this list because of the amount of the award. This scholarship is offered by Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation. The objective of the Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation is to provide financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to overseas students from Asia who are faithful to their principles and good academic achievers but who are experiencing difficulties in continuing their studies in Japan due to economic hardship. It is offered to Undergraduate (3rd and 4th year), Masters, and Doctoral course students. Students receive 150,000 JPY/month in Undergraduate level for a period of two years, 180,000 JPY/month in Masters level for a period of two years, and 200,000 JPY/month in doctoral level for a period of three years.

The scholarships that feature in this list are some of the biggest and most reputed in Japan. Even though they are not exclusive to engineering majors, these scholarships definitely deserve the limelight because of the opportunities they provide. Sometimes having a scholarship in university life can prove to be a big advantage in the future. The reputation of the scholarship speaks a lot about the achievements of the recipients. This matters a lot in the job market in the engineering field.