About Waseda University 

Waseda University was founded in 1882, named Tokyo Senmon Gakko by Ōkuma Shigenobu, the Prime Minister of Japan in 1898 and from 1914 to 1916 and an early advocate of Western studies in Japan. 

Okuma Shigenobu, the founder of Waseda University

Waseda University is regarded as one of the most prestigious universities with rigorous admission among Japanese universities and is often paired with Keio University as the best private university in Japan. The university is especially well-known for its programs in political science and economics. Notable alumni of Waseda University include seven Prime Ministers of Japan, multiple CEOs and Presidents of globally eminent companies, such as Honda, Nintendo, Sony, etc. and many athletes, artists, novelists.

Waseda is home to thirty-six departments: thirteen undergraduate schools and twenty-three graduate schools. It has a very large student body of roughly 50,000 students (41,965 Undergraduates/8,256 Postgraduates) spread over 8 campuses as of 2018. 

Waseda had an admission rate of 17% in 2015 and provided 10 billion JPY worth of financial aid to its students in 2017. 

Programs in English 

Thanks to its large scale as a university and ample resources, it is no surprise that Waseda University is capable of offering a wide range of fields, from humanities, natural sciences to engineering and even sports sciences in English. 

Undergraduate Programs

Schools that provide English programs:

1) School of Political Science and Economics (SPSE)

  • B.A in Political Science 
  • B.A in Economics 
  • B.A in Global Political Economy 

2) School of Social Sciences: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (TAISI)

3) School of International Liberal Studies (SILS)

4) School of Culture, Media and Society: Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)

5) School of Fundamental Science and Engineering (FSE)

6) School of Creative Science and Engineering (CSE)

7) School of Advanced Science and Engineering (ASE)


Except for SPSE which only allows admission in September, all other programs are April/ September enrollment. 

Admission is based on the screening of application documents. Applicants are only invited for interviews if needed.

Tuition fees and scholarships 

By tuition, FSE, CSE and ASE have the highest tuition rate of 1,646,000 JPY on average from second year to final year, followed by SILS at 1,590,000 JPY. 

There are some scholarships that students can apply for prior to admission. All of these scholarships are awarded to privately financed students who show academic excellence through document screening as a first year student, except for Howard Hagiya Scholarships only awarded to students from Taiwan. 

  1. Global Leader International Student Scholarship: 1,000,000 JPY for 01 year.
  2. Howard Hagiya Scholarships: 1,000,000 JPY/ year for 04 years.
  3. Reserved Scholarship for Successful International Examinees: 500,000 JPY/ year for 02 years. 
  4. Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students: exemption of tuition fees for the fall semester.
  5. Matsumoto Kaoru School of Political Science and Economics Scholarship: 400,000 JPY for 01 year. 

After admission, students can apply to other scholarships by directly contacting Waseda University Center for International Education.


Being one of the largest universities in Japan, Waseda University also takes a strong initiative in pushing for English-based graduate programs. All programs allow admission in both April/ September, except for Graduate School of Law in April, and Graduate School of Social Sciences only in September. 

  1. Graduate School of Political Science
  2. Graduate School of Economics
  3. Graduate School of Law
  4. Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
  5. Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
  6. Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
  7. Graduate School of Social Sciences
  8. Graduate School of Sport Sciences
  9. Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies
  10. Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  11. Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems

In addition, Waseda University also stands out by offering a professional graduate program through the renowned Waseda Business School where students can acquire an MBA, M.Fin. or Double MBA. 

Inside Waseda Business School

Before application, students are encouraged to seek prospective programs and supervising professors in their field of interest. 

Tuitions for graduate programs vary depending on the majors, ranging from 824,000 JPY to 1,840,000 JPY in second year. The program of Business and Finance (Full time, 2 year) has the highest tuition rate of all programs. 

Aside from school expenses that consist of tuition fees and seminar/ laboratory work fee, students are also required to pay association fees (faculty entrance fee, alumni association fee, membership fee of Student Health

Promotion Mutual Aid Association, etc.) depending on the graduate schools they are enrolled in. 

There are a wide variety of scholarships for students to apply after admission to the university. Scholarship announcements are made through each school’s office, so students are encouraged to enquire directly to their graduate school. Different types are tuition exemption scholarships or monthly/ yearly stipends from private organizations. 

Doctoral Programs

  1. Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering
  2. Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences 
  3. Graduate School of Commerce

International students can apply for scholarships during their time at university, some of which are as follows.

  1. JASSO Study Grant for Privately-Financed International Students: 48,000 JPY/ month for 01 year.
  2. Financial aid by tuition fee reduction for privately-financed international students: reduction of tuition fees by 50% for 01 year.
  3. GSC Scholarship: 250,000 JPY for 01 year.


With a commitment to fulfill its position as a top university selected for MEXT’s Top Global University Project, Waseda University is one of the leading pioneers in globalizing higher education in Japan. Combined with its location in the heart of Tokyo, its state-of-the-art study facilities and excellent instructors, Waseda University continues to live up to its reputation as one of the most prestigious private universities in the country.