Each year, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) sponsors a number of scholarships for students from developing countries interested in pursuing higher studies in Japan. This year, promising to foster learning and the development of individual talents, Ritsumeikan University is continuing its partnership with JICA.  Together they will provide international students with options in order to attend graduate school in Japan.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development

The Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development is a program developed to promote the administrative capacity of public servants in Myanmar. The majors offered are Civil and Disaster Mitigation Engineering for Historic Cities, Environmental Systems and Civil Engineering, Advanced Architectural, and Environmental and Civil Engineering. Those interested are encouraged to seek more detailed information at their workplace or from JICA’s Myanmar regional office (JICA Myanmar Homepage).

3 Applicable Graduate Schools of Ritsumeikan University Are:

Graduate School of International Relations

Graduate School of Policy Science

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must have received a recommendation from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Long-term Training Course on Administrative Capacity Development program by JICA, and must meet at least one of the following conditions (1 – 4) below:

(1) Persons who have completed a 16-year education program outside of Japan, or who are expected to complete such a program before being enrolled in graduate school.

(2) Persons who have graduated from a Japanese university.

(3)  Persons who have completed a degree program of three or more years (five years or more for those who would enroll in a Doctoral program in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine) and have received a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) at a university or other institution outside of Japan, or who are expected to complete such a program prior to enrollment.

(4)  Persons who have been recognized as having the academic ability equal to or higher than university graduates by Ritsumeikan University. This will be determined by an individual preliminary screening. Applicants must have reached 22 years of age or will reach 22 years of age before enrollment.

You can take a look at the sample Application Form. Applicants are not required to pay an application fee.

The application process is often scheduled to open during mid-July for September university enrollment.

Learning in Japan

Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development (PEACE)

The Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) is sponsored by the Government of Afghanistan and is promoting nation-building through domestic ministries in developing areas. The Government of Japan and JICA have supported this endeavor in various areas whilst respecting the Afghani people and government. Specifically, JICA considers “Infrastructure Development” and “Agricultural and Rural Development” as the most important areas for the development of Afghanistan. Visit their website for further information about the scholarship’s benefits, eligibility criteria, conditions, Ritsumeikan University graduate schools, and application procedure.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for PEACE Project-sponsored graduate enrollment at Ritsumeikan University, an applicant must:

    • Be a citizen of Afghanistan.
    • Have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.
    • Be a civil servant from one of the target ministries or faculty member from one of the universities under the Ministry of Higher Education, and have at least 6 months of work experience in the said organization.
    • Have sufficient English language ability to complete graduate study in English.

SDGs Global Leaders Course

For 2019, JICA is preparing a new scholarship scheme titled the SDGs Global Leaders Course. This scholarship is for individuals from developing countries around the world. It aims to develop leaders who will be able to help their home countries meet their Sustainable Development Goals in the future. More information on this scholarship and Ritsumeikan University application documents, specifically for those who wish to enroll through this scholarship, will be uploaded to their page sometime in April 2019.