Economics is an important social science discipline allowing the learner to master the art of making choices, in terms of societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals. Studying Economics in Japan is definitely an ideal academic path as Japan is one of the leading economic powerhouses of the world and the hustling and bustling capital city Tokyo being one of the global financial centers. In this article, we selected the most prestigious 5 Japanese Universities for Economics across the nation that have an English degree program that you might want to consider.

Hosei University Campus

School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Waseda University’s Political Science and Economics (PSE) department history roots in as early as 1882, making it one of the most prestigious PSE departments in Japan. Waseda started offering English Degree Program in 2010. Students can study a wide range of subjects that apply the theoretical tools of economics and in addition, through seminars, students practice how to debate and formulate ideas and arguments. The faculty pursue broad-ranging, cutting-edge research in economics, and engages in interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in neighboring disciplines such as political science.

In the years 2019-2021, the average SAT score was 1441.8, ACT (composite) score was 31.9 and IB Diploma (including predicted grades) was 38.1. Also, in 2021, out of 444 applicants, 180 were accepted into the program.  The academic year for the English-based program starts in September. 

Tuition Fee: 1,206,500JPY (for more accurate figures, visit the “Tuition and Scholarships” page)

Program Curriculum: click here

For more information: Application Guidelines, e-Brochure

Waseda, study plan
Study plan at PSE

PEARL Program, Keio University

Location: Tokyo, Japan

PEARL Program is an all-English Economics degree program offered by Keio University’s Department of Economics. This department roots back to 1890, and is now one of the most respected Economics Department in Japan. PEARL offers a world-class education in Liberal Arts and Advanced Economics. The program is named PEARL because it is designed to grow minds in wisdom and knowledge just like pearls grow in beauty and luster.

Admission is limited to around 100 students and the academic year starts in September. IB, SAT (essay), and ACT are treated equally in the admissions procedure. IELTS/TOEFL are also required for non-native speakers of English. PEARL students will study at the campus in Hiyoshi for their first and second years, and then at the Mita campus for their third and fourth years. There are 3 application periods and no interview. 

Tuition: 1,358,350JPY (First year) 1,158,250JPY (Second year and above) (for more accurate figures, visit the “Undergraduate Academic Fees” page)

Program Curriculum: click here

For more information: Admission Procedure, Application Guidebook, PEARL Brochure

mita, keio
The Mita Campus of Keio

College of International Management APM, APU

Location: Oita, Japan

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, APU’s College of International Management and Graduate School of Management are accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) – an internationally recognized organization evaluating business schools. The 4-year program offers Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management and Leadership, and Entrepreneurship and Operations Management majors. There are two enrollment semesters – Spring (April) and Fall (September). The yearly intake is limited to 380 students.

Tuition Fee: 1,300,000 JPY (First year) 1,500,000 JPY (Second year and above) (for more accurate figures, visit the “Costs at APU” page)

Program Curriculum: click here

For more information: APM Program, APU Brochure 2023

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The main entrance of APU

Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences (IGESS), Hosei University

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Hosei University’s IGESS Program was opened in September 2018, offering English-based degree programs at the Ichigaya Campus and Tama Campus. All liberal arts and major subjects will be taught in English, with graduates earning bachelor’s degrees in economics. IGESS is intended to support the development of globally-minded experts in economics and social sciences toward the formation of a sustainable society.

IGESS also offers (paid) international internships and international volunteer program opportunities, where you can also earn academic credit. 30 students are accepted every year and there are two application periods. The academic year starts in September. You can use your TOEFL IBT, TOEIC® L&R and IELTS score to apply – no recommended score is set. 

Tuition: 1,436,000 JPY (First year) 1,196,000 JPY (Second year and above)

Program Curriculum: click here

For more information: IGESS Admissions, Hosei University Brochure 2023

hosei, igess

IGESS Study Plan

Department of Economics, Nagoya University

Location: Nagoya, Japan

Founded in 1871, Nagoya University is one of the National Seven universities (equivalent to Ivy League) of Japan. Nagoya University offers an English-based Economics degree program opened under the Global 30 project, focusing on theoretical studies on Economics and management from introductory to advanced level.

The acceptance rate in 2022 was 17%. The highest New SAT total score was 1530 and the lowest was 1230. For ACT Composite the highest was 35 and lowest 29. For IB it was 40 and 33. For TOEFL the highest was 117, 94 being the lowest. Lastly, for the IELTS 9 and 7 were the maximum and minimum. There are two application periods and the academic year starts in September.

Tuition: 822,800 JPY (First year) 535,800 JPY (Second year and above)

Curriculum: click here

For more information: Program Pamphlet, Admissions

Study Plan at Nagoya University