What is The Dual Language Pathway (DLP)? 

Rikkyo University, one of Japan’s most acclaimed private universities, offers a unique four-year bachelor’s program titled the Dual Language Pathway (DLP) in its College of Intercultural Communication (CIC). In this program, students are able to take classes and write their graduation paper in English. However, unlike other English-based programs in Japanese universities, the DLP requires their students to take advantage of both the English and Japanese languages, encouraging them strongly to take courses taught in Japanese. With a curriculum that focuses on the study of linguistics and global communication, students are expected to develop multilingual and multicultural skills that will be valuable in this globalizing world.

The library in Rikkyo University.http://english.rikkyo.ac.jp

The Dual Language Pathway is limited to 15 people, selected through either a document-screening process or an entrance examination held by Rikkyo University. The small but diverse classes create a focused and a more intimate environment that allows students to contribute their various perspectives in meaningful discussions. From their first year of study, students learn to use English practically through writing reports and making presentations. In addition, they also learn academic Japanese to be able to think critically and express their opinions in the language. Students also take basic introduction courses in the field of linguistics, translation, intercultural communication and international cooperation.


Mandatory Study Abroad

Students are also required to study abroad in a foreign university during their second year, to destinations all around the world, including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, and many others. By studying abroad, students in the DLP can develop a beneficial global mindset that would surely help in their studies on intercultural communication.

Professional Qualifications and Internships 

The DLP curriculum emphasizes both theory and practice, and aims to teach students how to apply theories learnt in the classroom, in real-life situations. In order to accomplish this, DLP offers opportunities in professional qualifications, such as English or Japanese Language Teacher Training Program, Interpreter Program and Translator Training Program. There are additional opportunities such as taking part in company internships through several organisations which has relations with the college. These opportunities could open more career choices for DLP students and also help them get used to full-fledged work.

Students discussing infront of Rikkyo University main building.http://english.rikkyo.ac.jp

Career Support

The career support in the College of Intercultural Communication will also be very helpful to DLP students for future career guidance. Upon enrollment, students are guided to design their career after graduation. Over the years, CIC alumni have found employment in some of Japan’s top companies such as Mitsubishi-UFJ (Bank of Tokyo), IBM Japan, Deutsche Securities, Japan Airlines, Panasonic, and many more.

Rikkyo University campus in autumn.

Overall, the Dual Language Program in the College of Intercultural Communication at Rikkyo University is a very attractive program for international students. With its rigorous but comprehensive program that is a mix of linguistics, communications, and global studies, students earn a valuable, internationally-minded education with very wide career prospects. Students can truly understand the diversity of cultures, applying knowledge learnt at university, with an excellent grasp of both English and Japanese language.