Thrill in spill

Getting into the University of Tokyo was quite a long journey for me. So, I had a hard time containing all my excitement when I finally got my admission there. I tried really hard to stay calm and composed. I didn’t want people to think that I was in over my head,  but when the first day in the university finally came, all that composure that I tried so hard to maintain, it completely turned to dust. My excitement was echoing all over my head, and my brain was bombarding me with all kinds of questions like:

How would my university life be?

How would people be?

Would my Japanese language skill be good enough?

What if I sound stupid?

Why am I shaking?

What! Am I on the right train?

Somehow I managed to be at the university just in time for the registration. I confirmed if I had all the documents for the 1000th time, and yet I was still not convinced if I had it all. So, with this never-ending anxiety, I slowly entered the registration hall.

Vapored in Paper!!!

My first day in Tokyo University did not start quite the way I hoped it would. I knew registration might take some time, but I wasn’t expecting to fill one application after another for three straight hours. To be honest, half of the time I didn’t even know what I was filling up. Student registration, student council, university newspaper subscription, sports council, the paperwork never seemed to end. By the time I managed to finish all the paperwork, all my energy and excitement had evaporated entirely. I was barely limping my way out of the registration hall, but little did I know, there was a big surprise waiting for me on the other side of the door.

A man filling up paperworks at the table

Bustling through the stalls of all the circles in the hall

Anyone who thinks the University of Tokyo is just for intellectual geeks definitely has not seen the wildness all the circle and club members on the first day of the University of Tokyo, and I am not talking just about an astronomy circle or a debating circle. As soon as I got out of the registration hall, I bumped into this massive wall of Rugby players who kept on insisting me to join their club. After about 5 minutes I somehow managed to get through the wall, but in no time I was surrounded by a group of acapella singers who started singing around me. It took me another 5 minutes to convince them that I am no good for their circle. I just made two more steps, and I was again surrounded by cheerleaders who started dancing all around me urging me to join their cheer-leading circle, but in the end, I still ended up declining them again.

This cycle repeated for almost two hours. Judo circle, dance circle, a drama circle, comedy circle, I had to decline every single one of them. I was getting shoved and dragged everywhere. It reached the point where I had to make false promises just to take a single step ahead. Drowned in flyers and pamphlets, I found myself trapped in that frenzy and wild atmosphere. For years, all I wanted to do was enter the University of Tokyo and isn’t it ironic that on my first day there, all I wanted to do was find a way out of there and back to my room.

Bags full of flyers and head stuck in a mire

Broken and tired, I finally managed to escape the wildness. As soon as I reached my room, I spilled all the pamphlets and booklets on my bed. I went through each and every one of them. By the time I went through them all, I was more confused than ever.

How many circles should I join?

Should I try something new? Maybe the dance circle? How about a comedy circle?

Can I commit to all these circles?

What about class registration? How to register for each course?

Wait! Which course should I take?

What! I need to register in the University Portal again. Aaaah!

An abundant amount of books piled up together

The night in the burning light

It was a very long day indeed. By the end of the day, I was completely drained. Even though I had no idea what life had in store for me, that day my life as a student of the University of Tokyo had officially begun. New school, new people and unique experience, all were waiting for me the next day. I did not know what to expect at all, but with a new life shining in the horizon, I slept away underneath the new light.