About Keio University 

Keio University was founded in 1858 by Fukuzawa Yukichi, a Japanese philosopher and thinker, as the first private university in Japan. It started as Rangaku-jyuku (Western School), a private school for Dutch studies. in 1858. In 1868, the school name was changed to Keio Gijuku, named after the Keio era at the time. Eventually, it was moved to Mita campus in 1871. 

Double-degree Programs 

Students who seek a rigorous study program where they can challenge themselves should not miss out on the double-degree programs that Keio offers with world-class partner universities. Students will be able to study at both Keio and the partner institution, and they are awarded degrees from both upon completion. Students enrolled in the English-taught PEARL program at Keio will be eligible for two double-degree programs as below.

Double degree program with Sciences Po (France)

Students in the Faculty of Economics, one of the strongest faculties that Keio University is known for, can choose to be enrolled in the 4.5-year double degree with Sciences Po in France. Students from two universities will study together for three and a half years at two campuses in two countries, and upon satisfying the graduation requirements of both institutions, they will be awarded two B.A. degrees. Students in the English-taught PEARL program at Keio will spend their first two years in Sciences Po before they return to Keio to finish their degree. Different from the regular exchange program that lasts 6 months to 1 year, students in a double degree program will be able to take classes in the curricula of both universities, and will study in the partner institution for 2 years. It typically takes 4-5 years until graduation, and students will be awarded B.A degrees in Economics from both universities.

For more admissions information, you can visit AY2020 Application Guideline

Double degree program with Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Italy)

The nature of the program is similar to that of the double degree program with Sciences Po. PEARL students are also allowed to participate in the Keio-Bocconi Double Degree Programme. However, it is worth noting that participants in the program need to take a large number of courses only taught in Japanese at Keio University in order to satisfy the requirements of graduation of Bocconi. Credits of these courses will not count towards the graduation requirements for the PEARL programme. As a result, it is highly likely that PEARL students will require more than four years to complete all the graduation requirements of the two degrees by Keio and Bocconi.

For admissions information, you can visit AY2020 Application Guideline (in Japanese only)

Besides these two programs, there are also other double degree programs for the graduate level, but the requirements for each of the following programs are different as many of them are aimed at students enrolled in Japanese-taught programs.

Study Abroad Exchange Programs

Students can also choose to study abroad for one to two academic semesters at one of the partner universities with Keio around the world. There will be three rounds of application with different available institutions for each round. 

The necessary documents for the application process for undergraduate students are as follows:

  • Photo
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificate(s) of language proficiency
  • Written oath

Students who apply for the study abroad program should have a good academic performance in which their cumulative GPA at Keio University is higher than 3.30 for undergraduate students and 4.30 for graduate students. In addition to having a strong academic performance and sufficient English proficiency, applicants also need to demonstrate their purpose of applying for the study abroad program. In the application, students are required to submit the following documents:

  • Statement of Purpose (500 words): Students have to elaborate in detail their reasons and motivation for applying for study abroad
  • Study Plan while Abroad (500 words): Students have to write about the detailed plan about courses and fieldwork they plan to take
  • Statement of Purpose: It should be between 60 and 120 words for each university students put on their list.

If the language of instruction at the partner university is not English, students are required to submit these essays in that language in addition to English. 

Applicants are required to submit their application online through the Keio University system. After the initial selection results are released, it is recommended that applicants withdraw their candidacy status. In case that there is a high number of applications for a certain partner university, especially at competitive universities, applicants will be evaluated against each other. It is advisable to put several universities on the wishlist during the application process in order to maximize their chances of being selected for the study abroad program. 

Graduate students and fourth-year undergraduate students planning to continue on to a graduate school need to submit the following documents: 

  • Photo
  • Academic transcript
  • Certificate(s) of language proficiency
  • Approval to study abroad
  • Letter of acceptance
  • GRE test score (if applicable)
  • Certificate of admission from the graduate school (if applicable)
  • Written oath (Download from above and place you and your guarantor’s signature or seal.

Inbound Study Abroad

Students at Keio University also enjoy a diverse and dynamic learning environment thanks to the influx of inbound exchange students from all over the world coming to Keio University. For international applicants from universities outside of Japan who are interested in making the most out of their summer holiday by enrolling at Keio University, Keio Summer Program will help realize that wish.

The cost of the program is 260,500 JPY and the admission process takes place in February. The program lasts for two months, June and July, and students from foreign universities can take English classes at Keio University for credits to count towards their graduation at their home universities. The subjects of courses range from arts, social sciences, economics, religion, and philosophy, etc.

As a world-class institution with a teaching and learning reputation, Keio University also helps its students to look for suitable abroad programs and the application process. For more information about this support service, you can visit Keio University International Center.


Besides being enrolled at the well-renowned Keio University, students can also apply for double degree programs so that they can challenge themselves in academic rigor as well as enjoy the campus life in two different environments. It will certainly be an academically and personally rewarding experience for the students on the study abroad path that they choose.